DHL image capture

Integritie help DHL automate the image capture and information data extraction processes for tens of thousands of Waybills.

DHL, the world leader in express and logistics services, boasts a network spanning more countries than any competitor – delivering to more than 120,000 locations in 220 countries.

The Challenge

DHL were scanning thousands of waybills a day using Kofax scanning software and processing them via IBM DB2 Content Manager, but the system was proving unstable and was hit by a series of viruses that their incumbent solutions provider was unable to resolve.  DHL contacted Integritie for help to resolve this issue. Integritie worked tirelessly to stabilise the system. The Environment was quickly brought under control and has remained stable since. 

"Integritie is a great company to work with.  Everybody has exceeded our requirements and demonstrated fantastic enthusiasm for what we were seeking to achieve.  There has been a real commitment to quality at every stage"
Joseph Haroun, DHL


While working closely with DHL to achieve their Business Service level requirements, Integritie were able to identify an issue with the amount of time being taken to upload the large volumes of images daily from the scanning system into the content management repository. Using Integritie’s Knowledge Capture Bulk Loader application – already successfully implemented at a number of other customers’ sites – DHL  were able to reduce its automated loading time from 30 hours to just 10, this gave DHL a 75% increase in efficiency and allowed DHL to  increase the volume of daily invoices raised, while improving data integrity by performing further verification and validation checks.

Having established a trust in Integritie, DHL felt confident in asking them to design and   implement an end-to-end accounts payable solution that enabled DHL to centralize all their account processes, giving them automated approval processing of over 5,000 invoices per week. The system has provided them with significant cost saving and increased customer service.

To download a demo of the image automation process click here.