Knowledge Capture® Bulk Extractor from Hummingbird

Simple Migration out of Hummingbird to a new Content Management Repository



Knowledge Capture® Bulk Extractor is a software module that facilitates the migration of objects, data and index information out of Hummingbird, automatically moving the objects such as images and PC files and their index information to a new Content Management system such as SharePoint, Documentum, Hyland OnBase or to a file system, or CD/DVD

Hummingbird Versions & Systems



Knowledge Capture® Bulk Extractor is a proven software migration module, used by clients around the world, created using Hummingbird programming interfaces.  This ensures compatibility to migrate any Hummingbird system on any operating system such as z/OS, OS/400, Sun, AIX and Windows.

High Speed Document Extraction



Knowledge Capture® Bulk Extractor is a fully scalable application designed to support the extraction of small or large volumes of information stored within Hummingbird, including a time critical multi-system extraction or a high volume single system extraction.  Based on Bulk Extractors’ unique design, multiple document extractions can take place against either a single or multiple Hummingbird repositories enabling rapid document extraction and migration.

One Simple Price



Knowledge Capture® Bulk Extractor is licensed per Bulk Extract instance regardless of the document volumes, making high volume data extraction simple, fast and cost effective.

Low Risk Migration



Knowledge Capture® Bulk Extractor removes the need for expensive technical development to write extraction tools and processes, ensuring the lowest possible migration risk, while greatly reducing time and cost to move to a new content management solution.

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