Knowledge Capture® Bulk Extractor for SharePoint

Simple Migration out of SharePoint to a new Content Management Repository

Knowledge Capture® Bulk Extractor is a software module that facilitates the migration of objects, data and index information out of SharePoint, automatically moving the objects such as images and PC files and their index information to a new Content Management system such as Knowledge Capture, IBM FileNet, MS SharePoint O365, Hyland OnBase, a file system, or CD/DVD

Sharepoint Versions & Systems

Knowledge Capture® Bulk Extractor is a proven software migration module, used by clients around the world, created using Sharepoint programming interfaces.  This ensures compatibility to migrate any Sharepoint system, including Office 365 and from Windows opperating systems.

High Speed Document Extraction

Knowledge Capture® Bulk Extractor is a fully scalable application designed to support the extraction of small or large volumes of information from OnBase, including a time critical multi-system extraction or a high volume single system extraction.  Based on Bulk Extractors’ unique design, multiple document extractions can take place against either a single system or multiple OnBase systems enabling rapid document extraction and migration.

One Simple Price

Knowledge Capture® Bulk Extractor is licensed per Bulk Extract instance regardless of the document volumes, making high volume data extraction simple, fast and cost effective.

Low Risk Migration

Knowledge Capture® Bulk Extractor removes the need for expensive technical development to write extraction tools and processes, ensuring the lowest possible migration risk, while greatly reducing time and cost to move to a new content management solution.

To discuss how Integritie can help you support sales activities to move customers away from OnBase using Knowledge Capture Bulk Extractor email