Application Integration

Application Integration

Across an organisation information exists in numerous disparate systems and applications. This often results in employees not having visibility of the entirety of the data required. As a result, customer service is affected and administration costs to the business soar.

Integritie have a proven track record of delivering enterprise class, open architecture, integration solutions. This allows the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution to integrate seamlessly with other business critical applications such as desktop, CRM, ERP, and legacy systems. Integritie helps organisations to exchange information and enables a single view point of data from many sources.

Single Access



Key Knowledge Workers will have familiarity with the systems that are utilised in their department such as Siebel, SAP, Peoplesoft or Navision but may not have skills in other areas. By providing a single access point, delivered through the application of choice, knowledge workers are empowered to provide quality service through the tools and information available to them.

Cost Savings



This provides return on investment through significant cost savings in administration of data and staff training. All staff are able to access all information through a delivery mechanism with which they are familiar.

Increase Productivity



In addition to cost saving ROI is delivered through the increase in productivity of staff. An Integritie Application Integration solution speeds up the retrieval of documents and other data and provides a better service to customers.

Open Standards



Integritie solutions are designed as open architecture and are therefore able to be deployed in conjunction with a range of platforms, programming languages, and data models and representations.

If you would like more information regarding application integration just send us an email to and an Integritie representative will contact you.

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