Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation


Integritie’s Business Process Automation (Workflow) solutions help organisations define, document, test control and improve their business processes. Integritie provide workflow solutions that help organisations improve productivity and focus on delivering consistent quality to its customers.


Information to the right person at the right time



Business process automation solutions control part of the whole business process moving information quickly and directly to the right person at the right time, providing improved productivity and better teamwork. These solutions deliver lists of required tasks to the user’s workstation. Only tasks that are ready to be performed appear on the work list. Employees can always see what needs to be done without further prompting.




Business process automation ensures consistency of organisations procedures and processes and prevents users from going outside of prescribed corporate policies. It strengthens internal controls and the ability to track and manage documents effectively. Workflow solutions provide a view of work in progress, offering an insight into employee productivity, allowing managers to assign duties based on individual employee strengths.

Agile Decision Making



By streamlining and automating critical business processes, workflow solutions allow organisations to optimise operations and improve the ability to make fast and accurate decisions. By integrating content with business processes, organisations can make timely decisions based on the most accurate information available.

Security and Audit Trail



Workflow solutions provide security access to task lists, so that all transactions are logged to create an audit trail of what was done, by whom, when, etc. Process Modeling can define specific types of individual access that enable activities to only be seen and executed by appropriate individuals.

Legal Compliance



With increasing regulatory obligation placed on organisations a documented, archived workflow model is of vital importance to achieve compliance, Integritie’s solutions are designed to address this.

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