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Across an organisation data can exist on many separate systems with little or no interaction between them. Organisations that have multiple data or content repositories will experience issues with data and version control, access, duplication of date, and legal compliance needs.


Integritie design solutions to migrate information from legacy or obsolete document management tools and consolidate collateral in a central Enterprise Content Management (ECM) repository. Migration of data into a consolidated environment enables business users and managers to access the right information on demand.

Physical or Virtual Consolidation



Integritie work as a partner, to understand each customer’s business, this enables us to design the most appropriate solution. In smaller environments a physical consolidation of the data is usually the most efficient way of managing information. In large enterprises the task of physically migrating all data at once from multiple systems can be considered too large a risk. In this circumstance, Integritie can design and deliver a virtualised solution that presents a single seamless access point to the disparate systems. This allows a controlled, phased approach to migrating to a central repository.

Centralised Records Management



Through data centralisation, organisations can apply, enforce and monitor a consistent enterprise wide electronic records management policy. This enables complete control of data though the lifecycle, from creation to disposal.

Improved User Productivity



An Integritie solution empowers an organisation’s knowledge workers to access all business data through a single system. This increases collaboration, improves customer service, and reduces business process overheads whilst strengthening business control.

Migration from Legacy Systems



As ECM solutions develop and systems become redundant the ability to securely and accurately migrate information into new environments becomes key. Integritie, using a combination of tools and technical resource have the skills and experience required to perform resilient migration of data between ECM systems. Integritie's Knowledge Capture product is an Industry leading tool that can be deployed to simplify the migration process and is currently in production across a wide range of blue-chip customers.

Link to our Bulk Extractor module for an example of some of our many solutions available:

If you would like more information regarding ECM Migration and Information Consolidation just send us an email to and an Integritie representative will contact you.

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