Outsourced Image Capture and Content Management

Software As A Service (SaaS)

Hosting & Managed Services


Integritie provide secure content management cloud computing, which includes end to end outsourced image capture and content management features and functions, enabling customers to pay a small monthly charge to leverage our full Software As A Service solution, including securely capturing and storing your company documents, with your index classification rules to quickly search and securly access your documents from any internet client, 24x7, providing long term storage, archive, and retrieval of your business content.


By engaging in a partnership with Integritie your company can outsource all your image capture and content management system needs to Integritie, enabling your company to focus its attention on strategic business goals rather than computer application management.

Integritie provide a low monthly pricing model per user, providing the lowest possible monthly fee to support all your image and content needs.

The Integritie image capture and content management SaaS enables organisations to outsource the capture of paper records, images, email, telephone calls and the management of desktop business data, either onsite or through our secure digital Content Management SaaS.


Integritie’s managed service offerings include the short or long term management, storage, and web client access to your digitised information.


Key features of our managed service include


  • Central collection and long term warehouse management of your physical paper records
  • Back file image capture services to digitise your physical paper records
  • Immediate secure access to your archived records
  • Migration of your existing ECM and legacy systems to a structured managed service offering

Service Levels



By deploying an Integritie managed service, an organisation is able to rely on a proven service that is scaled to meet the individual needs of each client. Our expertise in the Content sector ensures the reliability of the ECM solution.

Cost Savings



ntegritie’s hosting and managed service offerings are able to deliver measurable return on investment through a reduction in your internal headcount, IT infrastructure storage of historic paper records.

Reduce Overheads



By investing in a managed service organisations are able to stop thinking of ECM as a product and start viewing it as a service tool. The Integritie model allows resources to be deployed into activities of strategic benefit rather than data input and support of tactical systems.


If you would like more information regarding hosting and managed services send us an email to sales@integritie.com and an Integritie representative will contact you.

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