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Accounts payable procedures and service level management can be a challenge for companies with increasing invoice transactions and complexity. To address these challenges many companies are utilising Accounts Payable image capture and workflow solutions to assist with accounts processing, coordination, payment, tracking, and long term archive and retrieval.

Accounts Payable image and workflow processing provides faster access to the invoices, enabling the transfer of the invoice between staff for approval, also enabling the processing of invoices from multiple offices, immediately, providing service level tracking and on-line escalation tools.

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Key questions your organisation maybe considering:

  • Does your company suffer large costs and time reconciling invoices and purchase orders?
  • Does your company struggle to achieve accounts payable service level commitments?
  • Does your company suffer from the overhead cost of invoice storage and retrieval to comply with customer queries, audit and legal guidelines?
  • Is your company looking for solutions to reduce the risk of compliance and audit exposures?
  • Does your company have a central view and easy access to filed accounts records?
  • Does your company have a backup process and solution of customer invoices and files to protect against possible loss, fire or flood?

What do you get with this Smooth Start package?

  1. Easy and Fast processing ofpurchase orders and invoices.

  2. Improved Audit Control of the Accounts Payable processes to comply with compliance requirements.   

  3. Reduced Costs of the Accounts Payable department administration.

  4. Secure web access to viewinvoices to provide real time access of invoices to branches, customers and suppliers.    

  5. Low Cost Backup anddisaster recovery of your companies Accounts Payable filing systems.

  6. Immediate access to invoicesto assist with GL reconciliation.




Further key benefits to integritie's Accounts Payable



  1. Significantly improved Accounts Payable process cycle time and user productivity for checking, processing and signing of financial transactions.

  2. Easier viewing and approval of documents in separate facilities using email and the web.

  3. Vastly reduced storage space needed for invoices and other financial documentation thus.

  4. Backup and audit compliance of accounts information.

  5. Immediate document reprint facilities, including on-line faxing, printing and emailing of invoices or credit notes.

You can affordably scale this solution up from 1,000 pages to 100,000 pages per day!

What's included in the price for end to end call

recording and document management?



Accounts Payable Image Server 
Accounts Payable Image Concurrent User 
Imaging Scan Station - (25,000 pages per month),


Image Capture Scanner - 1,200 image pages per day
IBM xSeries PC - with 73.4 GB Disk


The end to end services required to provide the on-line Accounts Payable, Image and Workflow Solution. Refer to the integritie 'Scope of Work' for customer deliverables and completion criteria.


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