Capture your Companies Telephone Calls & Business Information

Many organisations face the dilemma of determining when it might be prudent to capture telephone conversations and other business documents. And, increasingly, those organisations, and the regulatory bodies that oversee their industries, are concluding that it could prove too expensive not to do anything.

The IBM and integritie Call Recording and Document Management Smooth Start offering is an ideal way to kick start the inevitable process of capturing and managing your companies telephone conversations and customer business records. 

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Who should be interested in this product?


  • Industries where the regulator requires voice capture or other business record capture such as images and PC files for audit or compliance needs?
  • Industries where the regulator stipulates a minimum retention period for your voice and other business data and records?
  • Businesses that suffer a commercial risk by not recording voice transactions, business data and records.
  • Business that have a legal obligation to record and store this data.

What do you get with this Smooth Start package?

  1. Capturing and Recording your companies telephone conversations and other business records such as images, PC files and faxes.

  2. Indexing and Archivingrecorded telephone calls and other business files into central client files.

  3. Instant Access and Retrievalof your customers captured telephone conversation and other business records from a central repository. 'First time, every time'.

  4. An end to end comprehensive solution, that can scale from a few users to hundreds of users.



More details



Advancements in telephone call recording and IBM Document Management technology enables the easy and fast capture and retrieval of telephone calls and business files, providing significantly improved real time customer service, query resolution, and reduced business costs.

Telephone calls and business records such as letters, images, invoices etc can be quickly captured and retrieved from your index business rules, such as by customer name, date, phone number, call comments, length of calls, company names etc. This fixes a serious issue, no longer loosing important call files, improving audit readiness, and reduced staff costs relating to IT and Admin Retrieval Staff manually locating historic telephone call recordings and business records.

Companies can now partly or totally record telephone conversations, this can be done manually or automatically, capturing archiving and retrieving relevant parts of a call, providing significant cost savings from reduced storage, backup, and retrieval advancements.

This fixed price solution provides a user intuitive drag and drop index and archive feature to easily, quickly, and accurately archive any digitised PC file. The index help and verification feature improves user indexing accuracy of documents into IBM's Document Management archive.

This SmoothStart offering provides a simple and easy 'future path' to move from old telephone call recording and document management solutions, providing one consolidated Corporate Archive, which can include the consolidation of your old telephone call archives and any digitised business records.



What's included in the price for end to end call recording and document management?


Telephone Call Recording Desktop Usage Software
Knowledge Capture Desktop and Bulk Loader Software
IBM Content Manager Entry Level Server Software
IBM Content Manager Entry Bundle Concurrent User Client

Hardware KC Voice Call Recording Archive Desktop Cables
IBM xSeries PC (Windows 2000), 
Services The end to end services required to provide the Telephone Call Recording and Document Management Solution. Refer to the integritie Scope of Work for customer deliverables and completion criteria. 
Imaging options For an additional £4,000 integritie provide entry level imaging, which 
enables the capture of approximately 25 pages per minute, 
and a maximum of 5,000 images per month.




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