Lotus Notes and Outlook Email Compliance &


As e-business continues to grow, company's in today's climate rely heavily on email and associated attachments to conduct their day-to-day operations. Additionally many company's are now required to keep emails for legal, audit, and compliance needs.

The infrastructure costs to manage the growing volumes of emails and attachments can negatively impact the performance of Lotus Notes systems.

To resolve these issues company's traditionally allocate more and more money to purchase disk to resolve email storage needs, without considering alternative and more cost effective solutions that suit both your company email storage and compliance needs. 

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Who should be interested in this product?

  • Does your company suffer the ever increasing cost of consistently buying new disk, and storage to manage your emails?   
  • Is your company suffering from decreasing response times of your Lotus Notes system created by the size of your email system and backup requirements? 
  • Does your company have issues with the man effort and controls required to clean up and manage email file allocation rules?
  • Does your company have a legal responsibility to store emails for lengthy periods of time for audit, legal and compliance requirements?

This out of the box Lotus Notes and Outlook eMail Compliance & Archiving offering includes:

  1. Offloading emails and attachments to a central low cost storage destination. 

  2. Securely archiving and storing emails including attachments in the existing Lotus format and folders, whilst protecting existing eMail security standards. 

  3. Enables end-users to retrieve archived documents easily and quickly from their Lotus or Outlook client. 

  4. The solution to automatecompany's file size allocation rules




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IBM's CommonStore enables customers to archive emails and attachments from Lotus Notes and Outlook databases to a secured low cost archive repository for long-term low cost storage and immediate retrieval. 

File attachments can also be separately archived from their originating email messages to provide immediate mass disk savings. Some customers have enjoyed up to 80% disk saving of key Lotus and Outlook users from attachment archiving. This is a particularly useful function given that email attachments are the biggest email storage space consumer.

IBM CommonStore and IBM Content Manager conveniently off-load all types of documents from scanned images to word processor files. The software will offload the chosen document from the operational Lotus Notes and Outlook databases to Commonstore and display them directly from a Lotus Notes and Outlook client. 


We provide an end to end Lotus Notes eMail Compliance & Archiving Solution.



100 x eMail Archive User Licenses
1 x eMail Commonstore Archive Entry Bundle
1 x Knowledge Capture Desktop Loader License
1 x Content Manager OnDemand Bundle Licence,


1 x IBM xSeries PC with 73.4GB Disk (Windows 2000)


The end to end services required to provide the phase one Lotus Notes eMail Compliance and Archiving. Refer to the integritie Scope of Work for customer deliverables and completion criteria.

Current environment

This offering is made with the understanding that Commonstore will be integrated with your existing Lotus Domino servers and backend storage tape or optical unit.


We have not included a storage device within this offering as many customers have existing storage solutions that could be used, such as an existing tape or optical storage. We would be pleased to provide low cost large volume storage designs and costing that meet your archive space and performance needs if required.




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