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IBM Content Manager V7.1 to V8.3 Upgrade for only £12,000

Integritie's fixed price IBM Content Manager upgrade smooth start service provides a low risk and low cost upgrade path from Content Manager V7.1 to V8.3 for Windows or AIX platforms.

By upgrading to Content Manager V8.3 companies can be confident that the Content Manager system will be formally supported by IBM, and can gain significant product enhancement benefits from the latest product
features and functions.


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What do you get with this Smooth Start package?

  1. Integritie will conduct an on-site survey to identify current systems architecture and pre-requisite compliance.
  2. From the analysis of the on-site survey integritie will document your companies specific upgrade procedures and processes.
  3. Integritie will perform the Content Manager version 7.1 to 8.3 technical upgrade.
  4. Integritie will perform a system test and application handover.
  5. Integritie will provide the end to end upgrade services, no hidden costs and surprises.

Key benefits from upgrading to IBM's Content Manager V8.3

Key New features including:

  • Thin Client and Full client
  • Enhanced levels of workflow
  • Full text indexing of documents
  • Faster systems performance
  • Multiple levels of security and administration management
  • Multiple new levels of file index and multiple file relationship
  • Plus many more improvements

Compliance with IBM's upgrade recommendations and strategy, ensuring a supported product path.  

Robust low risk and speedy upgrade to Content Manager Version 8.2. No need for technical education investment.

'Fixed Price Offering' reducing financial worries of scope creep, knowing the end result and end price.


Deliverables of this Smooth Start Upgrade Offering

Task 1 - Conduct an on-site survey. The objective of this task is to identify and document the existing Content Manager 7.1 configuration and system architecture.

Task 2 - Document specific Upgrade process. The objective of this task is to analyse the site survey report, identify and document in the form of a 'Scope of Work' the most appropriate Content Manager upgrade process taking into account the existing application and system constraints.

Task 3 - Prepare one (1) physical file system environment for Content Manager 8.3. The objective of this task is to prepare and install the target server environment necessary to install one (1) Content Manager 8.2 server.

Task 4 - Install one (1) Content Manager 8.3 for Windows 2000 Server. The objective of this task is to install one (1) Content Manager 8.2 Sever for multi platforms on a Windows or AIX Server.

Task 5 - Install one (1) Content Manager 8.3 Windows Client . The purpose of this task is to install a single Content Manager 8.2 Windows Client.

Task 6 - Perform prerequisite upgrade tests on target Content Manager 8.2 Server. The objective of this task is to verify all system prerequisites required for the upgrade have been met and to prepare the upgrade environment.

Task 7 - Perform the Content Manager 7.1 to Content Manager 8.3 upgrade. The purpose of this task is to perform the upgrade of documents from existing Content Manager 7.1 to the new Content Manager 8.3 instance.

Task 8 - Perform post upgrade cleanup tasks. The objective of this task is to verify that a successful upgrade took place, and that the data from the Content Manager 7.1 system is available for viewing by the Content Manager 8.3 system.


Note: The price of £12,000 is 'per/each Content Manager server upgrade, (some customers have more than one environment).

Integritie will invoice your company £12,000 plus VAT per upgraded server at completion of the implementation, plus actual costs of expenses such as travel, accommodation, and per diem.