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FileNet In The Cloud - How Flexible & Secure Is It?

27/8/14 - Written by Stef Nienaltowski, COO, Integritie

Stef is a proven leader and transformation manager, with over 35 years of experience in running divisions of entire companies. Stef's role is to make Integritie the number one choice by Customers in our chosen market worldwide.

There is a lot of discussion on the subject surrounding the commitment a company has to make by moving into a cloud providers facility, the perception some people have is that they will be locked in to a provider and potentially moving from that provider can be difficult, making it hard to get out of the Cloud.

Integritie provide a flexible and secure FileNet Cloud service, which is easy to migrate to, and provides the highest data security levels required for businesses.

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Top 10 reasons for moving to the Cloud

20/8/14 - Written by Ian Wilson, Senior Technical Consultant, Integritie

Ian Wilson is a Solution Architect with over 20 years’ experience in delivering systems to Blue Chip customers, and for the past 10 years has been hand-picked by IBM to provide consulting expertise to some of their key ECM implementations around the UK. Ian is passionate about turning Integritie's KC Online offering into the world leading Content Cloud product.

Integritie’s customers are already reaping the benefits of having their FileNet Content in the Cloud. We constantly seek feedback about what KC Online has achieved for their business, and from this we have now compiled a list of the Top 10 reasons for moving to the Cloud.

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Making the move to ECM in the cloud: It’s easier than you think!

6/8/14 - Written by Paul Marlborough, Senior Technical Consultant, Integritie

With over 10 years’ experience designing, developing and building a wide variety of ECM solutions from single server scanning implementations to highly available fully distributed and integrated systems for major blue chip companies, Paul has a wide and comprehensive understanding of all aspects of ECM technology.

The term the cloud has become more and more prevalent in recent years but the concept has been around for some time, it essentially refers to the concept of de-centralisation of your IT infrastructure. Technological advances in internet speeds, document storage costs and flexibility of virtual machines has come together to offer a solution which can transform the speed effectiveness and cost of ownership of a document management solution.

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