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FileNet In The Cloud - How Flexible & Secure Is It?

27/8/14 - Written by Stef Nienaltowski, COO, Integritie

Stef is a proven leader and transformation manager, with over 35 years of experience in running divisions of entire companies. Stef's role is to make Integritie the number one choice by Customers in our chosen market worldwide.

Integrite's Position On Flexibility

There is a lot of discussion on the subject surrounding the commitment a company has to make by moving into a cloud providers facility, the perception some people have is that they will be locked in to a provider and potentially moving from that provider can be difficult, making it hard to get out of the Cloud.

NOT so with Integrities' Filenet cloud offering. In fact we ensure that moving from our cloud is just as easy as migrating into it.

How the Market is utilising this Flexibility

In a recent survey around sixty per cent of the UK's small and medium businesses were found to be already using the cloud. The data gets even more interesting as around half of those businesses now see cloud-based applications as a critical element of effective flexible working.

We at Integritie have driven this flexibility to all of our Filenet Cloud based Customers and the productivity they have achieved in terms of manpower alone is between a 50% and 20% headcount saving. This is in addition to the capital budget savings that occur when using a Cloud based solution.

Savings on their own can sometimes mask other issues and flexibility can lead to other issues in the operation of the company. This is why Integrities' "easy in/easy out" offering into and out of our Filenet Cloud is something that provides the customer with both significant costs savings in the OPEX budgets and real improvements in the company's overall productivity with the guaranteed assurance that enables any customer to reverse the decision and come out of our Filenet Cloud easily and quickly.

Flexibility Versus Security

In covering the flexibility topic in part at least in this discussion document, it should be recognised that along with flexibility you get with the Integritie service the Security that the Filenet solution offers is second to none. That’s why Integritie chose to use the IBM Filenet software as a base for it application layers.

Security is often at the heart of a company’s priority list along with ROI and Flexibility, and the potential threats any internet based solution can have, we at Integritie have significant experience in protecting customer data with our Filenet in the Cloud service.

The main security issues that are either perceived or experienced by customers are as follows. One of the first major issues about the security is the virtual machine itself and the ability for a hacker to get into the single or multi tenancy machine. Integritie’s cloud, built on IBM Filenet technology and associated hardware, eradicates this and with the proactive monitoring tools our 24 hour secure NOC has inbuilt, we maintain complete vigilance on this subject. Another important security issue is of course data loss no matter the reason. Using leading edge technology and ITIL standard processes this issue is eliminated using the Integritie Filenet cloud.

Clearly there is more discussion on both subjects and we will return to both matters very soon.

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