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Making the move to ECM in the cloud: It’s easier than you think!

6/8/14 - Written by Paul Marlborough, Senior Technical Consultant, Integritie

With over 10 years’ experience designing, developing and building a wide variety of ECM solutions from single server scanning implementations to highly available fully distributed and integrated systems for major blue chip companies, Paul has a wide and comprehensive understanding of all aspects of ECM technology.

What is the cloud and will it work for my business?

The term the cloud has become more and more prevalent in recent years but the concept has been around for some time, it essentially refers to the concept of de-centralisation of your IT infrastructure. Technological advances in internet speeds, document storage costs and flexibility of virtual machines has come together to offer a solution which can transform the speed effectiveness and cost of ownership of a document management solution.

The power and diversity of a feature rich document management application that was once only accessible or affordable to large corporate companies is now available to small business too, helping to streamline their processes, improve efficiency, link with social media and improving their competitive edge all while getting access to the latest technology at a fraction of the cost.

Making the leap

Do you have reservations about using a cloud based solution to store documents? Are you unsure how it all works? There is a good chance you already use a cloud solution without realising it. Anyone with a an account on such sites as Facebook, Dropbox, Sky Drive, Flickr or Instagram or any photo storage system is essentially doing just that. You upload your photos, organise them in relevant categories (albums) based on the content and make them available to only those who you wish to see them. You may have no idea of the complexities and architecture of the technology behind the scenes and maybe you don’t care, so long as you can log in and click on a photo to view it safe in the knowledge it saved in a secure environment and always available, if you want to share it then you can at the click of a button, you can also save a copy, email it, add a comment about it, link it to another website and many other functions.

The same principles apply to ECM (Enterprise Content Management) in the cloud. Once your documents are saved securely in the cloud the possibilities of what can be done with it are greatly increased and will offer more opportunities than storing them within the confines of an internal system. A cloud solution provider will have the skills experience and tools to manage every aspect of the migration, Integritie has a wealth of experience with both cloud and on site solutions providing essential skills and knowledge to provide a smooth transition.

Cloud computing consultancy

When considering a traditional ECM system, consultancy can incorporate considerable time and effort. With a cloud solution however most of the consulting has been removed as the hardware and software infrastructure is already built and available. A cloud solution is designed to be a plug and play system that will encapsulate many functional and business requirements to meet a specific need. The rapid increase in the adoption of cloud computing means a varied array of business sectors are already using the Integritie KC Online document management system resulting in a sizeable catalogue of reusable solutions and broad understanding of multiple industries and regulatory requirements.

A unique and desirable aspect of Integritie is their ability to offer powerful, cutting edge solutions for both document management in the cloud and social media. Technology based on IBM FileNet ECM software and social media management using SMC4 can be combined to provide valuable functionality you may not even have considered providing the ability to harness the power of content analytics to gain valuable information from otherwise static documents and posts. Cloud computing consultancy is more about realizing the potential than achieving the basics.

How do I get my documents in to the cloud?

Whether a paper orientated business converting to electronic or a large corporate exhausted from chasing the next software release, it is possible to migrate all your documents from their current location to one tidy cloud solution providing easy access to your content 24 x 7, from anywhere in the world, at the click of a button and with no on-site support required.

The speed of migrating existing documents from your old management system to the cloud will vary depending on the media it is stored on (even if it’s a filing cabinet!) however the basic principles of all electronic document management systems are intrinsically similar and Integritie can configure a bulk extract tool to do this if the current software doesn't provide this ability, making it possible to migrate not just thousands but millions or documents.

Making the right choice

If you are considering sending your document management system for offshore support, embarking on an expensive and perpetual upgrade or looking to create your first document management system then consider using the KC Online document management solution. This will relinquish any responsibility for hardware and software and provide an easy to use, highly available and secure system which can be tailored to meet your business requirements and can be designed, built, configured, migrated, deployed and maintained by specialists with a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise.

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