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Top 10 reasons for moving to the Cloud

20/8/14 - Written by Ian Wilson, Senior Technical Consultant, Integritie

Ian Wilson is a Solution Architect with over 20 years’ experience in delivering systems to Blue Chip customers, and for the past 10 years has been hand-picked by IBM to provide consulting expertise to some of their key ECM implementations around the UK. Ian is passionate about turning Integritie's KC Online offering into the world leading Content Cloud product.

Integritie’s customers are already reaping the benefits of having their FileNet Content in the Cloud. We constantly seek feedback about what KC Online has achieved for their business, and from this we have now compiled a list of the Top 10 reasons for moving to the Cloud.

10. Automatic Backups

With our Data centres in both Europe and the US, all your content is kept safe and sound, with backups being taken regularly. Whatever the eventuality, documents are stored securely, and can never be lost.

9. Quick Onboarding

We know that first impressions last, so our activation process is streamlined to make it quick and easy. Once a customer signs up to KC Online, we can have them up and running within 72 hours.

8. No need to acquire in house ECM skills

Managing a world class ECM system takes a heck of a lot of expertise. Integritie consultants are fully trained and certified, and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry, which is so impressive, even IBM come to us to help them run their ECM projects.

7. Rich set of features

As soon as customers start using KC Online, and take stock of what they have, they quickly realise the power of the service, how they can now unleash their content, and the opportunities to enhance other parts of their business. KC Online provides more than just traditional ECM capability: document capture, document management, retention and archival, migration, case management, and business process management. In addition to this long list we can also boast industry solutions like: social media capture, accounts payable, complaints handling, claims management, and human resources.

6. Everything is taken care of

Once your content is moved over to KC Online, there really isn't much left to worry about. Maintenance? We’ll take care of that. Monitoring? We’ll take care of that. Auditing? We’ll take care of that. Even for customers that want to keep their content on premise, we will manage their own private cloud, which of course is powered by KC Online.

5. Ease of migration

Legacy content is found in a multitude of locations and repositories, and it can often be tricky extracting it, then bulk loading it. With a wealth of experience in this area, we can confidently guarantee that we will quickly migrate all of your documents, whatever the volumes.

4. Connect to service from any device, anywhere, anytime

As a Cloud solution, our customers can access KC Online from anywhere on the Internet all over the world. This access isn't’t just restricted to business desktops or Laptops – our world class service can also be used from Smartphones and Tablets, making it truly portable.

3. Expandability and Scalability

It’s inevitable that as more and more documents get added to an organisation’s repositories, and as more users are given access, the infrastructure needs to adapt and expand to accommodate more demanding needs of the business. Instead of working out how to migrate to more powerful hardware, or adding more storage and resources, customers know that our virtualised systems take care of all of this.

2. Business Continuity and High Availability

It’s a fact of life that components and hardware are prone to disruption. But there are no single points of failure within KC Online; redundancy is designed into all of our infrastructure. Our customers are assured that their content will always be available.

1. Lower Costs

This is the clincher. Once an organisation has taken the decision to upgrade their ECM capability, it’s inevitable that they have to work to a budget, and the key decision maker must ensure that the budget is spent wisely. In short, the aim will be to get the most bang for the buck. For in house developments, there would be a need to burn up a huge chunk of the budget in hiring personnel, and infrastructure capital expenditure. But KC Online can be acquired for a small monthly fee, and our experience shows typical savings of up to 50% in running costs.

For a small outlay, KC Online offers organisations the opportunity to acquire a world class ECM Cloud service, and to access this within a few days of signing up. If you want more information, take a look at www.kc-ol.com, or email sales@integritie.com

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