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Mobile Access to Your ECM Platform

10/12/14 - Written by Lewis Nancarrow, Technical Systems Integrator, Integritie

Lewis Nancarrow is an ECM Technical Specialist with over 10 years ECM experience and over 5 years ECM Cloud experience in operational and technical consulting. Lewis has a proven track record within the implementation, design and development of large-scale ECM Cloud deployments.

There is a lot of excitement, positive and negative, about mobile devices both in the work place and as a customer platform.

Customers and employees are increasingly mobile and a majority of companies are aware and focused on supporting the growing number of users who interact via mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets.

In a recent study of Professionals:

  • 70% said they check their smart phone within an hour of getting up

  • 89% of Smartphone users use their phones throughout the working day

  • 48% check over the weekend, including on Friday and Saturday nights

  • 51% check continuously during vacation

"According to Ericsson - the world's largest supplier of mobile networks there were only about 1.9 billion smart phone subscribers at the end of last year. It expects that number to reach 5.9 billion in another five years."

Mobile applications and services firms are broadening their solutions to address the needs of mobile users, for example line-of-business workers in roles such as sales, marketing, customer service, and support.

The key benefits from these mobility applications include increased employee responsiveness and decision-making speed, resolving internal issues faster, and increasing worker productivity.

Control vs Mobile Flexibility

But striking the right balance between mobility and control over content can be a challenge. From an ECM perspective, the advantage of mobile technology obviously lies in its ability to make information more accessible. At the same time however, traditionally it is difficult to control mobile content that rests outside an organization’s IT governance structure.

The risk of data loss and control over all digital content is only growing as more data is created and shared via mobile devices, social networks, and file sharing services.

Have you considered how mobile technology will assist in delivery of your key business objectives? - Is it considered in your strategic planning efforts?

Do you have compliance control over your social media?

Have you carried out your mobile risk management assessment? - Ensuring continuity of operations and the security, confidentiality and availability of information and IT assets is fundamental.

Integrities KC Online solution

Our world-class ECM platform KC Online, delivers a centralised ECM platform which can be hosted either in our cloud or on organisations' premises, delivering a consistent user experience across a variety of desktops, mobile devices, operating systems and content sources, enabling users to access, manage, contribute and share content any time and from any location. For more information Click Here

Just some of the Key Mobile features of KC Online:

  • Out of the box mobile interfaces, enabling mobile and web content collaboration, with traditional ECM interfaces - All delivered in one central solution

  • Ease of use that leverages the traditional desktop experience on a mobile platform - Provides an HTML5 web experience for both desktop and mobile devices, native mobile experience on both Apple iOS and Android

  • Secure collaboration between customers, clients, suppliers, users and teams

  • Help users search and act on content more easily - with greater security in a managed, process driven, auditable, cross repository environment

  • Ability to deliver customized mobile content solutions - through open APIs promote extensibility and data integration with a flexible cloud model that accelerates time to market

  • Take advantage of a powerful ECM enterprise solution - incorporating, Social Media, Content Analytics, Process automation, all via your mobile device

  • Increased productivity and innovation - Users are more comfortable with a personal device and become expert using it, making them more productive

Example of Mobile Modules of KC Online:

KC Online Counterfeit Goods Module

This is a demonstration of Integritie’s Counterfeit Goods module. The module enables organizations to capture a counterfeit product from a remote location and route this through to investigators to process.

KC Online Incident Management Module

This is a demonstration of Integritie's Incident Management module. The module enables organization to capture an incident from a remote store and process the incident through to resolution in the head office.

For more Information on Integrities KC Online solution, please email sales@Integritie or click here.

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