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KC Online Case Management

11/2/15 - Written by Andrea Mellor, Professional Services Manager, Integritie

Andrea has over 30 years' experience in the IT Industry with more than 20 years in the ECM arena. Andrea has a development background which holds her in good stead when working with the technical teams and Customers alike. Her role with Integritie is to ensure all Integritie Service Projects are delivered on time, within Budget and most importantly to the satisfaction of the Customer.

O2, part of the Telefonica Group, faced a challenge in managing the expediential growth and management of customer letters, emails and other communications, impacting the time required to reply to customers. It was clear to O2 that automation of the call centre and communication capture process was required.

O2 wanted a solution that could manage the entire process as a 'case', from receipt of the enquiry through to resolution and response. It was also important to retain critical customer correspondence in a single, secure location to support future customer service requests. O2 selected Integritie's case management solution, built on the capabilities of the IBM Enterprise Content Management Portfolio.

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Engagement Through Social Media - Extending Your Reach

4/2/15 - Written by Dean Oxley, SMC4 Product Manager, Integritie

Dean Oxley is the SMC4 Product Manager at Integritie, by being the first point of contact for our extensive customer base Dean works to understand their requirements ensuring the best possible experience when using SMC4. Dean also has 5 years experience of Project Management and is a Prince 2 Practitioner.

Surprisingly, despite the benefits provided by multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, businesses are still not taking advantage of these channels. As such they lose out on free advertising, customer feedback and real-time business R&D. In addition, many of the businesses that use social media are not utilizing it effectively and try to shoe horn difficult ideas in to their social media presence.

For organisations that do use social media, many of them try to utilize it as a sales driving mechanism. It is very difficult for social media to be an effective medium to drive sales and be a source of new customers by itself.

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