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Engagement Through Social Media - Extending Your Reach

4/2/15 - Written by Dean Oxley, SMC4 Product Manager, Integritie

Dean Oxley is the SMC4 Product Manager at Integritie, by being the first point of contact for our extensive customer base Dean works to understand their requirements ensuring the best possible experience when using SMC4. Dean also has 5 years experience of Project Management and is a Prince 2 Practitioner.

Surprisingly, despite the benefits provided by multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, businesses are still not taking advantage of these channels. As such they lose out on free advertising, customer feedback and real-time business R&D. In addition, many of the businesses that use social media are not utilizing it effectively and try to shoe horn difficult ideas in to their social media presence.

For organisations that do use social media, many of them try to utilize it as a sales driving mechanism. It is very difficult for social media to be an effective medium to drive sales and be a source of new customers by itself.

What social media can very easily do is improve the reputation of your company, collect valuable feedback on your product and service from customers and prospective customers and raise awareness for your company via social discussion and interaction. If you understand what social media is naturally effective at doing for a business, implementing and managing various social channels is actually quite easy. It may take a little bit of time to learn how it works but if an individual takes a little bit of time to practice they will quickly overcome the learning curve.

At Integritie we realise that it is important for organizations to be able to reach their consumers through social media, as we are seeing the demand for this is continually rising. Smartest Management C4 (SMC4) enables companies to manage social media in a highly regulated environment, while enabling consumers to reap the full benefits of being linked to the company on a social media site.

SMC4 gives you the ability to gain access to multiple social networks, all within a single environment via a unified inbox that displays all social media messages from the channels connected to SMC4. It gives the scope to publish content that engages fans and clients and drives leads to local and global organizations. SMC4 helps to realise your business goals, build brand awareness, deliver customer care and generate sales with social engagement.

"Keep Calm and Tweet Wisely"

SMC4's comprehensive content analytics enable complete compliancy for all outbound communication by analysing the content and sentiment of messages or posts. If any messages contain inappropriate material then SMC4 will stop them from being published onto social media and route them through to an approval queue. An admin will then receive an email notification asking them to view the message and either approve or decline the content. This level of security is imperative to a business that looking to build a positive social media presence.

SMC4 also helps to measure success and direct future marketing investments with our sophisticated social media analytics package. It assists with capturing and archiving activity on major social networks. Track the effectiveness and reach of published content across social media channels with dash board reporting. Effective social media management, measurement and reporting has never been so easy.

Tailor permissions to your needs, whether it is a large organisation needing to capture a wide audience or a small organisation needing to focus on a more niche market. SMC4 enables users to develop unique platforms in order to achieve this.

Register for SMC4 Lite for free today to see how we can help you engage with consumers!

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