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Digital Transformation

14/1/15 - Written by Elizabeth Rhodes, Global Director Insurance Solutions, Integritie

Elizabeth has over 20 years' experience working with Insurance organisations to release substantial annual savings by taking complex business challenges and converting into simple, sustainable business centric solutions.

2015 has arrived. We find ourselves entrenched within a digital transformation. Question is, will you embrace it to do more with less? Or will you place yourself and your teams in the challenging position of forcing unpalatable choices which may result in a "trade off" between saving money and delivering none linier company profit?

Ask yourself, can your organisation afford not to embrace an OnPremise or SaaS digital transformation?

For the majority, preference is borne out of experience; but how does that allow us to be better informed, well versed and experienced within the digital age? Do you consider all things digital to be friend or foe?

Professionals and trusted advisers may feel challenged when stepping outside of their professional experience and traditional roles, which they have established for themselves. This can create limitations and bias, which can actively prevent organisations from embracing and leveraging the good and discarding the legacy habits, substantial budgets and ineffective ways of working. This is a limiting and dangerous thing, substantiated by the following 2014 statistics:

2014 Digital Statistics


World Population


Global Internet Users


Active Social Network Users


Mobile Subscriptions


2014 Mobile Penetration by Region


Western Europe


North America


Central America


South America


Central and Eastern Europe


Middle East




Central Asia


South Asia


East Asia


South West Asia




Sources: UN (ITU), CNNIC, InternetWorldStats, Facebook & CIA Government Factbook. Stats include multiple devices per head of population.

The digital age demands a new generation of strategic thinkers, leaders and an enlightened approach for financial planning, IT budgets, infrastructures, fraud investigations, risk reduction, transformation, day to day interactions and services to our customers and internal teams. Digital, truly delivers cost savings, enhanced team performance and increased customer experience and visibility.

If you can capture, you have visibility.

If you have visibility you can report.

If you can report you can measure and act.

With an ever higher dependency on mobile working with tablets and smart phones, organisations and customers need an instant interaction 24 hours a day. Digital and automated capture and delivery facilitates smarter solutions.

A high percentage of customers are no longer loyal simply because they have an existing relationship with you. Customers share their experiences, not just with their friends and family, but with everyone that has embraced social networks.

The continued growth of Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks provide high profile outlets for public acts of complaints, but also delivers opportunities for organisations to capture and verify quality information and provide automated "self-service" portals as a central part of business as usual.

Imagine the swift, cost effective, automated process enhancements and powerful analytics unleashed by this simple act - facilitating true two way interaction between you, your internal teams and customers.

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