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Social Media and Content Anayltics

28/1/15 - Written by Sam Clive, Pre-Sales Technical Consultant, Integritie

Sam Clive is a Pre-Sales Technical consultant who on a day to day basis works with a large customer base to understand and develop project requirements. He also has previous experience with all things digital marketing, design and social media.

For the vast majority of companies, if they are not engaging with their customers on social media, they are falling behind their competitors. Customer satisfaction is so important to potential buyers, and with the rise of company pages on social media it is incredibly easy for customers to view what others are thinking.

A somewhat innocuous complaint, handled badly and publically, can often lead to much larger issues. "Going Viral" is now a common phrase, and can mean both positive and negative for the company on the end of it. A marketing dream is for the latest business communication to hit the spot and be shared beyond their wildest dreams across social media and the wider web, however can be a PR disaster if it's the wrong thing.

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Digital Mailroom - The Paperless Office Has Come of Age

21/1/15 - Written by James Gannaway, Director of Products and Solutions, Integritie

James has over 14 years' experience working with organisations to help bring structure, control and efficiency to the capture and management of enterprise wide 'unstructured content'.

Ever since the dawning of the digital revolution organisations have stove for the taming, if not elimination, of paper from their businesses. From the early days of microfilm and microfiche through to bulky high volume scanners, businesses have endeavoured to wrestle the handling, distribution and archival of paper and to achieve the panacea of the "Paperless Office".

Whilst technological fads have come and gone, and overall the use of paper has declined, the promised land of the "Paperless Office" still remains as elusive today as it did in the 80's and 90's. The potential of reduced operational costs, increased staff efficiency and the ability to bring compliance to the retention of paper still beckons organisations today, as much as it has over the last three decades, however the dawning of this new paper free era might finally be just around the corner.

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Digital Transformation

14/1/15 - Written by Elizabeth Rhodes, Global Director Insurance Solutions, Integritie

Elizabeth has over 20 years' experience working with Insurance organisations to release substantial annual savings by taking complex business challenges and converting into simple, sustainable business centric solutions.

2015 has arrived. We find ourselves entrenched within a digital transformation. Question is, will you embrace it to do more with less? Or will you place yourself and your teams in the challenging position of forcing unpalatable choices which may result in a "trade off" between saving money and delivering none linier company profit?

Ask yourself, can your organisation afford not to embrace an OnPremise or SaaS digital transformation?

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Protecting Your Brands Assets

9/1/15 - Written by , COO, Integritie

Stef is a proven leader and transformation manager, with over 35 years of experience in running divisions of entire companies. Stef's role is to make Integritie the number one choice by Customers in our chosen market worldwide.

Integritie is at the forefront of bringing technology to help Companies protect their Brand Image and equally as important their physical assets such as stock.

By using the world’s leading software operating products such as Filenet & I2 and combining that with the application layers Integritie have developed, it is now possible to identify any change in Customer or Market reaction to a Company's image whilst the Company can also "sweep" the internet and test reaction to their Marketing.

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