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Digital Mailroom - The Paperless Office Has Come of Age

21/1/15 - Written by James Gannaway, Director of Products and Solutions, Integritie

James has over 14 years' experience working with organisations to help bring structure, control and efficiency to the capture and management of enterprise wide 'unstructured content'.

Ever since the dawning of the digital revolution organisations have stove for the taming, if not elimination, of paper from their businesses. From the early days of microfilm and microfiche through to bulky high volume scanners, businesses have endeavoured to wrestle the handling, distribution and archival of paper and to achieve the panacea of the "Paperless Office".

Whilst technological fads have come and gone, and overall the use of paper has declined, the promised land of the "Paperless Office" still remains as elusive today as it did in the 80's and 90's. The potential of reduced operational costs, increased staff efficiency and the ability to bring compliance to the retention of paper still beckons organisations today, as much as it has over the last three decades, however the dawning of this new paper free era might finally be just around the corner.

Until now Paperless Office projects have failed either through unavailable or unsuitable hardware/software technologies or unfeasible projects costs. Through the advent of the SaaS Cloud and highly advanced and yet cost effective digital image capture capabilities this perfect storm of capabilities may have now created the environment to finally make the Paperless Office a reality.

By harnessing highly sophisticated Electronic Document Management and Workflow capabilities, such as IBM FileNet, in the Cloud based on low per user, per month fees alongside efficient and cost effective desktop scanners and even mobile device camera capabilities, these two unique events have made the "Digital Mailroom" financially viable for the first time.

Whether your paper volumes fall into the tens of documents per day category or the thousands of documents, a Cloud based Digital Mailroom service now provides the software capabilities to make this both financially and functionally viable.

The advent of the mobile device and its integration with Cloud document management systems has also had a helping hand in making the Paperless Office a reality, by eliminating the need to be handcuffed to the office and the necessity for a dedicated scanner, whilst also providing a mechanism to securely and easily read and action digital "mail" from any geographic location.

Whilst the ability to capture document images cost effectively and from any location, alongside the highly secure and fully functional document management and workflow Cloud systems has unquestionably made the Paperless Office a far more realistic proposition, the real benefit of the Paperless Office is the ability to define and control document retention.

It is fair to say that the white flag of surrender has been raised at most large corporations when it comes to document retention and disposition (destruction), so the ability to have this cost effectively available and applied at source to all documents will cause a global sigh of relief and present a welcome solution to a typically thorny subject.

So maybe we have finally entered the era of the paperless office and the Digital Mailroom.

If the contents of this blog has caught your interest and you want to discover more about the paperless office and the how a Digital Mailroom solution can help your organisation to differentiate itself and drive new levels of business efficiency and cost savings, contact Integritie today and we will help you start on this exciting journey to paper freedom.

For more Information on Integrities KC Online solution, please email sales@Integritie or click here.

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