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Protecting Your Brand’s Assets

9/1/15 - Written by , COO, Integritie

Stef is a proven leader and transformation manager, with over 35 years of experience in running divisions of entire companies. Stef's role is to make Integritie the number one choice by Customers in our chosen market worldwide.

How Can Technology Help Protect Your Brand Image & Assets

Integritie is at the forefront of bringing technology to help Companies protect their Brand Image and equally as important their physical assets such as stock.

By using the world’s leading software operating products such as Filenet & I2 and combining that with the application layers Integritie have developed, it is now possible to identify any change in Customer or Market reaction to a Company's image whilst the Company can also "sweep" the internet and test reaction to their Marketing.

So not only can Integritie provide this blanket of knowledge it can also remove harmful, inaccurate and offensive materials from the Companies public facing sites and manage that content in a Cloud environment if the Customer allows.

So much for Image protection, the Integritie solutions powered by Filenet in the Cloud can also protect, manage and identify areas of fraud and theft, which until now, have gone either unnoticed or impossible to analyze.

Integrite's Cloud based investigation and monitoring applications underpinned by IBM's I2 and Content Analytics products make the solution a world class offering to any Company that is suffering loss of goods anywhere in its food chain.

Here Is What The Industry Has Said About Both Brand Protection & Assets

In today's global marketplace, companies are trying to find secure ways to protect their brands from those who seek to capitalize on successfully created reputations. These attacks come in a variety of forms, such as counterfeiting and of course the black market.

Despite significant efforts, companies are behind the criminals who continue to refine their methods for committing fraud. Integritie can help here significantly by focussing on both protection of the Company's public social media pages and it's more traditional internet based communications vehicles.

This set of applications have been successful in measuring how it has stopped the effect of attacks on a Company's brand reputation.

Initially, it might seem counter-intuitive that criminals with limited resources and crude technologies are repeatedly outwitting multi-million dollar brands. However, the reality is that many of today's attackers are sophisticated people operating globally.

In addition, factors such as supply chain complexity, outsourcing, lack of monitoring, limited awareness or failure to implement basic security solutions all contribute to a brand's vulnerability and this is where Integritie's Cloud based solutions have helped a number of Global Companies.

In a recent study in the UK it was estimated that the cost of cyber crime was costing British companies around £27bn per annum. A significant proportion of this cost comes from an "insider" using the weaknesses of a Company's supply chain processes to their advantage, using the fact that Company's typically do now have fraud prevention applications and tools, such as those that Integritie have brought to the market.

Integritie will continue to develop its counter Fraud & Brand Image applications and help global and local Companies stay protected and increase their profitability by stamping out significant theft.

For more information visit our Counterfeit Investigation page.

For more Information on Integrities KC Online solution, please email sales@Integritie or click here.

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