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Social Media and Content Anayltics

28/1/15 - Written by Sam Clive, Pre-Sales Technical Consultant, Integritie

Sam Clive is a Pre-Sales Technical consultant who on a day to day basis works with a large customer base to understand and develop project requirements. He also has previous experience with all things digital marketing, design and social media.

For the vast majority of companies, if they are not engaging with their customers on social media, they are falling behind their competitors. Customer satisfaction is so important to potential buyers, and with the rise of company pages on social media it is incredibly easy for customers to view what others are thinking.

A somewhat innocuous complaint, handled badly and publically, can often lead to much larger issues. "Going Viral" is now a common phrase, and can mean both positive and negative for the company on the end of it. A marketing dream is for the latest business communication to hit the spot and be shared beyond their wildest dreams across social media and the wider web, however can be a PR disaster if it's the wrong thing.

Social media is now the pinnacle of unstructured data, and capturing, controlling and understanding that data can be incredibly complex. Enter SMC4, Integrities social media management solution. Powered by content analytic technologies social media data can now be captured, analysed and categorised enabling workflow actions to then take place.

Content Analytic technologies are able to analyse all inbound and outbound communication, highlighting keywords and phrases that can identify everything from complaints to positive messages. Workflow actions such as automatic replies or retweets, email notifications and the ability to assign messages and conversations to specific staff enable companies to respond to customer communication efficiently and compliantly.

SMC4 also uses content analytics to assign a priority rating to messages, which in turn enables a variety of workflows to take place. For example a high priority complaint could mean an email notification to a manager, where as a low priority sales lead could be assigned to a sales rep within the organisation.

It's not just traditional businesses, Police departments and schools can also leverage this technology by using the customised version: SMC4 Observer. SMC4 Observer is focused around identifying risk related messages for subjects such as suicide, bullying, crime or drugs. Over 17, out the box dictionaries enable SMC4 Observer to pick up a magnitude of information, whilst only highlighting the risks. This solution is not "Big Brother" either, as the content analytic technology means only risk related messages are displayed to the users of the system.

SMC4 Observer can also be used to build "People of Interest" networks by the Police. Law enforcement agencies are able to load suspects into SMC4 Observer, which will then observe all public data and as soon as any risk related messages are identified, officers can be notified, even on the go via the SMC4 mobile application. Officers are then able to understand who these people are talking to, load others into the system and track who is responsible for risk related content.

SMC4 is built using API technology meaning it can be quickly and efficiently integrated into existing business applications. For example SMC4 is fully integrated with Integritie's Advanced Case Management technology, meaning customer complaints highlighted by content analytics can kick off the case creation process. By pulling in data from the post or message on social media, the case can be auto populated with the customer's details. Customer service reps can then use the built in reply functionality to send information back to the customer, with content analytics working behind the scenes to ensure only compliant information is sent back out.

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