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Cloud-Based ECM: Driving Down Costs and Increasing Profits

21/7/14 - Written by Shaun McDowall, Technical Consultant, Integritie

Shaun is a customer-centric technologist with a deep understanding of document-based business processes which has been developed over several years. He is passionate about using technology to reduce costs whilst improving the user experience. Shaun has helped many individuals and organisations to overcome their technical and human challenges in the quest for streamlined document processes.

"Documents drive business processes". It's an oft-repeated fact which is true, regardless of the size of the business. Processing documents is not generally considered to be the most "sexy" IT discipline, especially when compared to the advances we see in fields such as robotics, 3D-printing and 'wearable' technologies.

There has been a quiet revolution taking place in the back-office however, and what was just "dark and dusty document management" has become an interesting mix of form and function which can deliver real value and measurable savings on the bottom line.

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Traditional on-site ECM deployments vs ECM within the Cloud

9/7/14 - Written by Lewis Nancarrow, Technical Systems Integrator, Integritie

Lewis Nancarrow is an ECM Technical Specialist with over 10 years ECM experience and over 5 years ECM Cloud experience in operational and technical consulting. Lewis has a proven track record within the implementation, design and development of large-scale ECM Cloud deployments.

As organizations and departments struggle to manage an ever-growing volume of unstructured business data, they need to develop a strategy for effective ECM management, & BPM applications across the enterprise, Is the migration to cloud based solutions Inevitable?

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