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FileNet Lift and Shift into KC Online Cloud

12/6/14 - Written by , Marketing Manager, Integritie

Courtney is Integritie's Marketing Manager, and owns promotional materials, offline presence, press management, social media and email marketing, plus external communications. Courtney also organizes world wide conferences, events and webinars.

Lifting and Shifting Existing Content Management Applications into the Cloud

Over the last two years most industries have embraced or are researching how to leverage cloud based solutions to help focus on core business activities, while increasing efficiency and reducing costs of running businesses.

Content management, image capture, workflow, storage, archival and retrieval are critical to company’s success, however these are not core business activities and can distract from everyday performance. Businesses are looking for ways on how they can outsource these functions, becoming more efficient and cost effective. The maturity of cloud based content management solutions is giving company board's confidence regarding the opportunity to lift existing content management applications to the Cloud,

Benefits of outsourcing these solutions to a cloud based environment:

  • Reduce running costs of up to 50%

  • Focus on core business activities, increasing efficiency

  • Cloud applications are richer in capability

  • No longer have to worry about upgrades on software, hardware or renewals.

  • Integritie saw a gap within the market, creating KC Online a fully hosted and managed FileNet Cloud service, and now has thousands of users reaping the benefits of outsourcing their secondary business activities.

Introduction to KC Online FileNet Cloud

Knowledge Capture Online (KC Online) is an end to end image, social media and content Cloud powered by FileNet solutions.

KC Online is an out of the box, ready to use cloud service, where new customers are on boarded within 72 hours of customers signing KC Online contracts. KC Online is totally secure and always available 24/7/365.

For a small monthly fee the KC Online FileNet Cloud delivers all of the features and functions of a traditional ‘on premise’ FileNet solution, while avoiding the need for capital expenditure, removing the costs of FileNet servers, helpdesk staff, software upgrades, support fees, backups and day to day management.

Migrate your existing onpremise FileNet applications to the KC Online Cloud

Three Step Map and Migrate Strategy

The KC Online FileNet Cloud provides a three step proven FileNet outsource service, including;

  1. Migrate your existing FileNet applications to the KC Online FileNet Cloud

  2. Migrate your existing objects, (images and files) and index records to KC Online Cloud

  3. Leverage all your existing FileNet applications from KC Online Cloud, plus also receive the bonus of using all our KC Online business applications (based on the number of archive and work-flow users purchased.

KC Online FileNet in the Cloud Highlights

Some of the many benefits of Lift and Shift into the KC Online Cloud include:

  • Significant cost reductions as moving into KC Online Cloud reduces renewal, helpdesk and hardware costs.

  • Fast Onboarding of users, which can be added within 72 hours of signing agreements

  • KC Online Cloud is very scalable, able to support thousands of users and Terabytes of business data

  • KC Online provides many pre-built applications available free of charge, such as Accounts Payable, Human Resources, Complaints and Claims applications

  • Each department has separate and secure access and storage of their data, ensuring only the right people have the access to the right information.

  • The KC Online Cloud provides highly rich content management features and functions, delivering industry leading content management, workflow, eForms, social media communication tools and much more

  • KC Online is provided based on a small monthly fee, providing the right level of service for the right price

  • KC Online Cloud can be seamlessly integrated to your existing business applications, ensuring consistency of service and user experience

For more Information on how to move your existing FileNet solution into the KC Online, please email sales@integritie.com or click here.

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