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SMC4 - Integrities Social Media Complaints Solution Powered by IBM Filenet and Content Analytics

25/6/14 - Written by , CTO, Integritie

With over 20 years’ experience in operational and technical consulting helping organisations enhance their operating models and improve business performance. David has a track record of leading and delivering technology strategies, product design and development, and the implementation of large-scale programmes.

Why was SMC4 Developed?

Social networking is extremely attractive to organizations, offering a tremendous opportunity to extend the reach, relationships, brand awareness and affinity for their brands - grow market and wallet share.

To embrace social media regulated organizations face a number of challenges. Chief among these challenges is the need to stay compliant with new and emerging regulatory compliance, security requirements and corporate policy mandates surrounding social media.

In response to this need, Integritie has brought its information management expertise to allow businesses to leverage social media channels through SMC4.

Powered by IBM Content Analytics

SMC4 is powered by IBM content technologies to analyse message content and manage the retention of messages. With SMC4 businesses can actively participate in the dynamic new social media channels in a controlled and timely way, giving the business a share of voice, where the outgoing messages are assessed by IBM's Content Analytics to give employee’s confidence that the business is not exposed to undue risk. The archive of information, within an IBM FileNet P8 repository, provides a legal archive of all content and activity, with full records management control.

SMC4 manages and logs all social networking interaction and archives them for compliance review. Additionally, outbound correspondence is audited prior to it ever leaving the company avoiding potential issues with message content; again this is achieved by IBM Content Analytics - providing textual analysis both for the content of messages as well as all demographic information as it relates to the entire pool of messages, this is used to provide social intelligence on the sentiment of messages from specific channels or by generally listening to social activity. SMC4 also provides legal discovery, through IBM eDiscovery, that is compliant with electronic discovery standards.

SMC4 enables organizations to use social media channels as a means to communicate with their customer base to create interactive dialogues and as a mass communication tool. This allows organization to pro-actively keep their customer based informed, alleviating the pressure on other channels such as the call centre.

SMC4 manages the broadcasting of messages out to the Social Media channels, with IBM Content Analytic vetting the content of messages to ensure content is deemed as safe, and does not contravene any regulatory or internal policies.

IBM Content Analytic prioritizes the messages entering an organization by reading the message content and based on business rules assigns a suitable priority and manages who is best placed to answer the message.

Using SMC4 enables organizations to enhance their customer engagement strategy, to actively participate in social media channels, enter into dialogue with their customer base, market to them and inform, with the assurance they are compliant with the industry regulations.

For more Information on Integrities SMC4 solution, please email sales@Integritie or click here.

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