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Controlling and Realizing Value from Unstructured Data

25/3/15 - Written by Aaron Quainton, Project Manager, Integritie

Aaron is a Project Manager within the Professional Services division of Integritie. Aaron manages 20+ project at any one time with clients based around the world. These projects include; SMC4, KC Online, CMS, Kofax, Hyland OnBase, DataCap, SharePoint to name but a few. Aaron's role is to ensure projects are delivered on time, within budget and to the customer's satisfaction.

What is Unstructured Data?

Unstructured data can be defined as "content that does not conform to a specific, pre-defined data model". It tends to be the human-generated and people-oriented content that does not fit neatly into database tables. At present it is argued whether there is a black and white divide between unstructured/structured data – however many sources tend to take the standpoint that structured data exists in a relational database.

In 2013 Gartner predicted that enterprise data growth would exceed 800 percent by 2018. With the growth of unstructured data, such as multimedia files, pdf documents and scanned images businesses are finding management of unstructured data to be a necessity.

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SMC4 - New Features and Functions

17/3/15 - Written by Phil Bryant, Product & Solutions Development Manager, Integritie

Phil is the Product & Solutions Development Manager at Integritie and has over 25 years' experience in the IT industry. Phil and his team are responsible for the development of the KC Online functionality. Phil works with our extensive customer base to understand their current and future requirements and ensuring the best possible experience when using KC Online.

This blog outlines the lateset new features that have been released in the KC Online Smartest Managment C4 (SMC4) product. These features have been developed based in conjunction with new and existing customers to extend the products capabilities in meeting their requirments to help them manage social media.

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