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SMC4 - New Features and Functions

17/3/15 - Written by Phil Bryant, Product & Solutions Development Manager, Integritie

Phil is the Product & Solutions Development Manager at Integritie and has over 25 years' experience in the IT industry. Phil and his team are responsible for the development of the KC Online functionality. Phil works with our extensive customer base to understand their current and future requirements and ensuring the best possible experience when using KC Online.

This blog outlines the lateset new features that have been released in the KC Online Smartest Managment C4 (SMC4) product. These features have been developed based in conjunction with new and existing customers to extend the products capabilities in meeting their requirments to help them manage social media.

Overview of SMC4

SMC4 enables corporate and domestic users of social media channels; Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram, to interact with social media in a controlled manner. SMC4 also supports non social media channels; Email and SMS. SMC4 enables organizations to use social media to gain business value and customer loyalty by exploiting these new channels, whilst still remaining compliant with regulatory requirements - as well as security requirements and corporate policy mandates.

SMC4 logs all social networking interactions, monitors incoming and outgoing messages, and archives them for compliance and audit purposes. Additionally, outbound correspondence is reveiwed prior to being posted, therefore avoiding potential issues with message content. SMC4 provides legal discovery for corporate users, that is compliant with electronic discovery standards. By adhering to eDiscovery standards, an extract of the data and all related information can be easily copied to transferable media and presented to the appropriate authorities or opposing legal counsel for their use.

SMC4 provides a live monitor, enabling an organisation to monitor their competitions social media coverage and respond from the specific social media account. The SMC4 interface consolidates all social networking channels and accounts into a single stream of consistently presented information. Organisations can use this stream to review what other people are saying about you, respond to questions or publish marketing media messages.

New Functionality

Details of the new functionality are outlined below.

User Groups

SMC4 now supports user groups. Groups can be added from the administration menu and then users can be assigned to them. The email address of the group is used to send an email notification (if requested) when conversations are assigned to the group. It is also possible for users to filter the conversation view by group.

Save Conversation Filters

Within the SMC4 conversation view (the Active, Inbox, Pending or Closed tabs) it is now possible for Administrators to save the current conversation filter. These filters can then be used by Standard users by selecting it from the "Current Filter" section of the "Filter Conversations" area of the screen. This makes it easier for users to manage their conversations.

Reply From

SMC4 enables users to select the "Company" account that can be used to reply to conversations for Facebook posts and Tweets.

Impersonate User

Admin users can select a user to impersonate to enable them to view other users Active conversations (as well as replicating the user view of the inbox).

User Preferences

SMC4 users can set preferences to configure their start page (this is the page that will be displayed following a successful log on), the default conversation filter and the default accounts used to reply to Twitter and Facebook conversations.

Enhanced Channels

For those companies with an Enhanced SMC4 licence, it is now possible to import data from millions of online sources, including news articles, forums, reviews, blog posts, tweets and Facebook statuses, so you can discover the conversations that matter most to your brand.

We have a full and extensive roadmap of functionality that we will be rolling out over the next 12-18 months to continue to extend the capabilities of our product. We are continually working with our user community to understand the direction and requirements that is important to them. New functionality can be requested directly from SMC4 by using the "Feedback" option from the menu or by contacting Integritie directly at sales@integritie.com.

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