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Controlling and Realizing Value from Unstructured Data

25/3/15 - Written by Aaron Quainton, Project Manager, Integritie

Aaron is a Project Manager within the Professional Services division of Integritie. Aaron manages 20+ project at any one time with clients based around the world. These projects include; SMC4, KC Online, CMS, Kofax, Hyland OnBase, DataCap, SharePoint to name but a few. Aaron's role is to ensure projects are delivered on time, within budget and to the customer's satisfaction.

What is Unstructured Data?

Unstructured data can be defined as "content that does not conform to a specific, pre-defined data model". It tends to be the human-generated and people-oriented content that does not fit neatly into database tables. At present it is argued whether there is a black and white divide between unstructured/structured data – however many sources tend to take the standpoint that structured data exists in a relational database.

In 2013 Gartner predicted that enterprise data growth would exceed 800 percent by 2018. With the growth of unstructured data, such as multimedia files, pdf documents and scanned images businesses are finding management of unstructured data to be a necessity.

How ECM helps control large quantities of unstructured data

ECM Solutions are helping to bridge the divide between structured/unstructured data. A primary benefit to structured data (such as that residing in a traditional relational database) is the accessibility and ease of retrieval. ECM solutions – by the addition of meta-data and categorization of objects, allow users to store and retrieve unstructured objects from a container/application that allows structure to be provided.

It is cited from various sources that 80 percent of business information resides in an unstructured format – Given these figures there is an obvious need for ECM solutions to enable to effective use of unstructured data within the enterprise.

ECM solutions do not only provide ease of storage/retrieval, but also provide additional benefits that could only be realized from structured data previously, such as accessibility to information, security and access controllability of information, a reduction in paper usage, enhanced employee productivity, direct and indirect cost reductions, traceability and improved collaboration.

Integritie - KC Online Solution

Our world-class ECM platform KC Online, offers a platform capable of being hosted/managed within our cloud or on-premises. It enables for the storage, organization and retrieval of content across a variety of devices, and delivers an all-in-one solution for the management of enterprise wide unstructured data. KC Online licensing terms are on a per-user basis enabling scalability for new ECM solution installations or migration from legacy systems. For more information Click Here.

Making further use of unstructured data through Business Intelligence

Traditional concerns of ECM solutions were to manage the unstructured data/objects internal to the enterprise. However there is a new realization that unstructured data residing externally to the enterprise has just as much value. For example, customer feedback or customer reviews are both two forms of unstructured data that reside externally. To manually mine this data for useful information would not be cost-effective, however the use of Business Intelligence and Content Analytics provides a useful way of extracting information.

Business Intelligence (BI) tools are an effective way of extracting valuable information from the unstructured information that is residing externally, potentially on blogs/forums, social media etc.

SMC4 – Leveraging the Value of Unstructured data on Social Media

Integritie's SMC4 solution answers to the need for a way of effectively extracting useful information from organizations social media sources. The solution is not only capable of analysing unstructured data residing on social media platforms, but is also capable of responding to trends/data in both a proactive and reactive manner. For more information on integrities SMC4 solution Click Here

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