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FileNet In the Cloud: It's Much More than Software as a Service

13/5/14 - Written by , COO, Integritie

Stef is a proven leader and transformation manager, with over 35 years of experience in running divisions of entire companies. Stef's role is to make Integritie the number one choice by Customers in our chosen market worldwide.

Integrite’s FileNet Offering

Integritie have reduced the significant cost of using the IBM FileNet solution so that companies can now save dramatically and get an instant return on investment. Our Cloud solution called KC Online delivers in 72 hours a world class FileNet facility that is always available and totally secure.

KC Online Cloud Applications

Using IBM’s FileNet technology, KC Online controls the life cycle of content, including, Image, eMail, Social Media Capture, Advance Case Management and Workflow, as well as Content Life Cycle Control, Information Defensibility & Information Destruction.

KC Online’s applications also provide ‘secure’ access to all business information from a single business client and directly from line of business applications, delivering a single secure sign-on for immediate access to all authorised business information.

KC Online Set Up & Running Costs

Integritie have taken the IBM FileNet Software solution and created a world class application layer that sits on top of the base product. This unique layer allows the full use of the FileNet software in the form of an easy to use interface that has more than 20,000 users experiencing the Integritie FileNet Cloud. The running costs are included here on our website; www.kc-ol.com along with the details behind the value that this FileNet in the Cloud based solution brings to any size of organization

KC Online – Anywhere in the World on Any Device

KC Online enables you to access content stored within your IBM FileNet Cloud and has pre-built workflows using Accounts Payable or HR processes, on devices such as iPhones, tablets, or laptops. Integritie have built multiple applications on top of the FileNet repository to progress documents through the business, creating an entire end to end document management solution. Only an internet connection is required, and utilizing KC Onlines’ Content Navigator front end, you can now have 24/7 access to information within your company, no matter the device you are using.

Managing Workload Volume In The Integritie FileNet Cloud

One of the many benefits using the Integritie KC Online solution is that because it is a “per user” based offering you can burst through your agreed users limit for a few days, weeks or months depending on the business need. Due to the way we have configured the IBM FileNet facility we can, within 24 hours, set up new users for your business and equally if those users need to bring historic data with them, our KC Bulk Loader solution can upload them into the FileNet archive in the cloud at the rate of over 250,000 documents per day. This means that any new / temporary team needing to join the KC Online Cloud can do so within a very short space of time thus giving maximum flexibility to the business users. The power of the IBM FileNet Cloud, set up by Integritie affords the business the lowest cost of entry into using one of IBM’s flagship software solutions.

For more Information on FileNet in the Cloud and KC Online, please click here.

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