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Yale University: To the Cloud or not to the Cloud?

28/5/14 - Written by , Marketing Manager, Integritie

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Upgrading to FileNet in the Cloud

Yale University, at the IBM Content Event in New York, discussed the upgrade of their FileNet solution into the FileNet Cloud.


Yale’s main reason for moving to a FileNet Cloud solution, was that their current on-premise system was unpatched and unmaintained. Yale needed to find a way to upgrade to a current platform that would be able to be sustainably managed.

Yale originally had grand dreams for ECM, however after many development phases were mapped out and with the economy going south, the use cases were never realised or fully formed. Eventually Yale employed a new CIO who has a cloud first strategy and realised the need to upgrade their existing FileNet system into the FileNet Cloud. Yale’s workplace user interface and infrastructure was old, lacked functionality, as well as using an old FileNet system. By moving to IBM FileNet Cloud, Yale could update their FileNet system and their overall functionality of their systems via one project.


Yale realized a need to upgrade their legacy FileNet solution, and their decision was to migrate to the FileNet Cloud, upgrading their existing FileNet system.

The initial cost of the migration was more expensive than a traditional on-premise upgrade, however the ROI on the FileNet Cloud migration had a payoff in just over one year. By the end of the second year there would be significant cost savings.

Additionally, Yale’s skill gap was of concern as they did not have the expertise to do their own future upgrades. Moving to the FileNet Cloud meant that Yale will have a lesser need for internal resources, upgrades are inbuilt and the overall FileNet Cloud solution is more cost effective.


Yale have realised many benefits of adopting a FileNet Cloud solution. These include the system being able to store all types of sensitive data, content encryption is consistently working and full text search capabilities are available. Yale also gained an updated environment which is regularly patched and upgraded and they now have an up to date user interface with easy to use drag and drop features. Yale’s financial model also shows cost savings within the first 18 months of implementation. Yale have been able to remove some of their infrastructure (12 servers) from their data centre and have shifted from an ownership model to a subscription based model.

Yale are currently preparing to go live on June 9th 2014 – Stay tuned

KC Online FileNet Cloud

Integritie offer clients a simple lift and shift model into the KC Online FileNet Cloud, migrating all existing applications and data into the Cloud.

KC Online FileNet Cloud delivers all of the features and functions of a traditional ‘on premise’ FileNet Content Management solution, while avoiding the need for capital expenditure and removing the costs of FileNet servers, helpdesk staff, FileNet software upgrades, support fees, backups and day to day management.

Some of the many KC Online FileNet in the Cloud highlights include:

  • It typically takes only 72 hours to onboard into our FileNet in the Cloud

  • There is no FileNet capital expenditure, just pay a small monthly fee

  • FileNet in the Cloud is available 24 hours x 7 days a week x 365 days

  • We provide 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level technical helpdesk support

  • We have fully trained FileNet Certified engineers running the FileNet Cloud

For more Information on FileNet in the Cloud and KC Online, please click here.

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