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Content Analytics - Gaining Insights from the Noise

19/11/14 - Written by James Gannaway, Director of Products and Solutions, Integritie

James has over 14 years' experience working with organisations to help bring structure, control and efficiency to the capture and management of enterprise wide 'unstructured content'.

For the past twenty years organisations have strove for the goal of achieving the mythical 'paperless office' with many coming close to this vision and panacea through the introduction of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions and the scanning of physical documents, the archival of emails and the capture of social media messages.

Having wrestled the 'paperless office' beast, this has left organisations scratching their heads wondering what this battle was for and what true business benefit this gained. Visionary organisations now find themselves with vast repositories of digital 'information' in the form of scanned images, emails and electronic documents with no more ability to make confident decisions based on facts than in the old days of physical filing cabinets.

If anything, the vast range of channels from which a customer can communicate with your organisation is making the ability to take informed and insightful decisions even tougher as new communication channels appear to pop up on an almost daily basis, increasing the 'noise' from which decisions could potentially have been made.

When you consider that over 80% of the information in an organisation is unstructured i.e. documents, emails, faxes and social media messages, you then realise that many organisations are making decisions almost blind folded based only on the 20% of data that is visible.

Thankfully there is light in this information insight tunnel. Your ECM repositories and silos of unstructured data are all poised to make starring roles in the next evolution about to hit businesses, which is the ability to gain ‘insight’ and true knowledge from unstructured content.

Content Analytics as a concept has finally come of age and achieves every executive's vision of being able to make informed and insightful decisions based on both structure and unstructured information, enabling for the first time a true 360 degree view of an organisation and the external and internal factors effecting it.

The removal of the decision making 'blind fold' and the adoption of Content Analytics is helping organisations achieve unprecedented levels of insight in areas as diverse as:

  • Customer Service - enabling internal staff and external customers to quickly identify information relating to a defective product and diagnose the issue through a self service portal.

  • Complaint Management - automatically identify the nature of the complaint, through any communication channel, and route the communication for immediate resolution whilst capturing valuable data to prevent the issue occurring again in the future.

  • Fraud Identification - automatically determine insurance, banking or government centric fraud cases through the association of what appears to be unrelated incidents.

  • Reduce Customer Churn - by automatically identifying likely customers to leave an organisation, Insurance and Telcos are gaining new insights enabling them to undertake proactive marketing campaigns to retain customers versus spending millions on trying to win customers back.

These are just a few of the existing possibilities that Content Analytics presents and best of all your probably already have the information to achieve this.

As experts in the field of information capture and archival Integritie are spear heading the insight revolution by offering the first fully hosted and managed Content Analytics Cloud service making content analytics affordable and viable for organisations of any size.

If the contents of this blog has caught your interest and you want to discover more about how Content Analytics can help your organisation to differentiate itself and drive new levels of business insight, contact Integritie today and we will help you start on this exciting road to Gaining Insights from the Noise.

For more Information on Integrities KC Online solution, please email sales@Integritie or click here.

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