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SMC4, Social Media Solution and Your Organisation.

15/10/14 - Written by Dean Oxley, SMC4 Product Manager, Integritie

Dean Oxley is the SMC4 Product Manager at Integritie, by being the first point of contact for our extensive customer base Dean works to understand their requirements ensuring the best possible experience when using SMC4. Dean also has 5 years experience of Project Management and is a Prince 2 Practitioner.

Introduction to SMC4

In this blog I outline where SMC4, Integritie's social media solution fits within the social media market place and how SMC4 differentiates itself.

While Integritie provides an extensive ECM in the Cloud capability, this focuses on the SMC4 social media solution module.

Integritie's Social Media Product and Strategy

Integritie's strategy is to develop pre-built social media content management applications that are globally repeatable and scalable, such as social media driven complaints processing, knowledge management systems, Insurance claim management and processes, and unified customer call centre communication via social media.

Towards this goal, Integritie have developed an end to end cloud content management service, brand named Knowledge Capture Online (KC Online) incorporating SMC4's social media capture, control, communication and compliance focus.

SMC4 Solution Overview

SMC4 is an end to end social media communication and management tool providing;

  • A single sign-in tool controlling the receipt and sending of all social media communication needs

  • Comprehensive controls and supervision tools ensuring published social media communication meet regulative policies

  • Full audit, control and reporting tools regarding every SMC4 captured social media communication

  • Complete repository and e-discovery of all SMC4 captured social media communications

  • Regulative life cycle control and destruction of all social media communication

SMC4 is seamlessly integrated with content management systems through CMIS and our REST APIs enabling the long term archive and access of social content.

SMC4 Market Focus

Integritie is focused to provide cross industry repeatable social media applications.

Integritie's roadmap is to extend SMC4's capabilities to support a broader range of unstructured social media and web data sources such as review sites, wikis, forums and more as well as focusing on Geo-Location and Geo-Fencing abilities.

Integritie see five focused target points for SMC4 sales including: Customer Services, Listening/Observing, Compliance/Control, Customer Engagement and Brand Reputation.

Key SMC4 Solution Functions

SMC4 provides extensive features and functions related to the capture, control, communication, and compliance of social media, some of the key functions include;

  • A single social media sign-in tool, controlling the receipt and sending of all social media communication

  • Automated work-flow, routing and priority management of social media communication to the right teams for resolution and response for complaints, VIPs, negative and positive communications

  • Robust pre-built work-flow for Complaints Management, Accounts Payable and Human Resources

  • Providing sentiment analysis of social network and social business messages to enable automated routing to appropriate work-flows, work baskets, deleting noise, and ensuring priority of responses. SMC4 Content Analytics engine auto-classifies social communications by complaints, VIPs, negative, positive, profanity and spam

  • Automatic alerting to management of social media communication violations regarding governance and compliance rules, such as FINRA, FCA, SEC, NASD, HIPAA

  • Comprehensive social media controls and supervision tools ensuring published social media communication meets regulative policies

  • Comprehensive pre-approved responses to ensure governance and compliance of responses

  • e-Discovery Full audit, control and reporting tool of all social media communication

  • e-Discovery complete repository and e-discovery of all social media communications

  • Real time operational reporting of social messages to understand message volumes, message sentiment and geographical impact

  • Regulative life cycle control and destruction of all social media communication

  • Extensive mobile application support providing easy access for managers and workers on the move

  • Multi-language support in English, French, Spanish, German and Arabic, with more languages to be released soon.

  • Open API's for integrating with CRM, ERP and back office systems

To try the solution for yourself visit Click Here and sign up for SMC4 Lite and try it for free... Or for further information please see smcapture.com or email sales@integritie.com.

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