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The HR Opportunity for BPO

29/10/14 - Written by Andrew Stinchcombe-Gillies, Director of BPO, Integritie

Andrew has over 20 years' experience working with organisations to achieve quantifiable business growth through implementation of scalable and repeatable single-view solutions.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has long been the strategic choice for companies looking to achieve cost reductions while improving their service quality, increasing shareholder value and focusing on their core business capabilities. With rapid globalisation transforming business operations across industries, BPO industry is poised for unprecedented growth. However, most global enterprises prefer to tread this path with caution as it involves great risk, especially for the customer related processes. Organisations undertake stringent due diligence and performance mapping before zeroing in on the most capable vendor for outsourcing their critical processes.

An area of growth within the BPO sector is Human Resources and Employee Records Management.

Increasing workforce transformations and regulatory requirements are making companies look to their BPO partners for employee records management solutions. Significant amount of employee related information is stored as employee documents throughout an employee’s tenure in an organisation. These documents range from recruitment documents, on-boarding forms, emergency notification forms, performance appraisals to separation checklists. There is a clear distinction on what should be stored as employee records and what not. The Society for Human Resource Management provides guidance on the types of records that should [not] be included in personnel files and the record type and variety vary by industry. The challenge is to efficiently capture, process and retain relevant employee records so that they may be easily and securely accessed by authorized personnel.

Despite the proliferation of digital technologies, a remarkable volume of current and historical employee records are stored in filing cabinets and banker's boxes. Inherent costs and risks include accurately capturing employee data, copying, mailing, filing mistakes, security, and potential loss of sensitive employee documents.

If paper is the predominate mode of managing employee records, such as an application or leaving form, scanning paper and securely storing it in a document management system can eliminate paper at the "point of entry". Once captured electronically in to a system, recognition technologies can be applied to determine the type of form and extract relevant employee information without the need to manually key data into a Human Resource Management System.

You can go one better, and replace paper with electronic forms to significantly improve ease and accuracy of acquiring employee data. Rules define acceptable data field values and fields can be verified or populated based upon data contained external sources. Both digital copies of paper and electronic forms (with a record of the data entered) can be retained for secure, future access by HR specialists as well as the individual employee. For each of these formats – paper or electronic forms – there is the added advantage of automatically initiating a workflow, based upon information gathered from the paper or electronic form.

An ECM platform such as the technology provided by Integritie, enables the capture, control and consolidation of this information. Once unified the information is able to be utilised across the business enabling collaboration by departments and sharing with the employee. Business defined controls provide the capability to meet local regulatory and policy requirements, including retention and destruction.

Integritie uses layered technology to advance your business objectives and provides both on premise and off premise cloud solutions. If the contents of this blog are of interest to either you or your clients business, reach out to Integritie and we will help guide you to understand the true business benefits and ROI.

For more Information on Integrities KC Online solution, please email sales@Integritie or click here.

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