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Integritie's KC Online Cloud

10/9/14 - Written by Andrea Mellor, Professional Services Manager, Integritie

Andrea has over 30 years' experience in the IT Industry with more than 20 years in the ECM arena. Andrea has a development background which holds her in good stead when working with the technical teams and Customers alike. Her role with Integritie is to ensure all Integritie Service Projects are delivered on time, within Budget and most importantly to the satisfaction of the Customer.

The Integritie KC Online Cloud delivers all of the features and functions of a traditional 'on premise' FileNet Content Management solution, while avoiding the need for capital expenditure and removing the costs of FileNet servers, helpdesk staff, FileNet software upgrades, support fees, backups and day to day management. Integritie deliver a fully functional and totally secure document management solution.

All business information stored in the Cloud can be viewed, managed, organised and shared, using any internet enabled desktop or mobile device. Information can be reviewed, updated and approved in line with your business processes remotely, making it immediately available to your colleagues and teams.

Completely secure, KC Online provides a single content management application solution enabling you to support more flexible working practices such as hot-desking, multi-site, remote and multinational working at minimum cost.

A powerful, yet easy to use browser based interface provides the capability for both office based and remote users to access information when they need it, anytime, anywhere.

Our Knowledge Capture range of tools for extracting documents from existing ECM systems and loading documents into our cloud enhances the lift and shift experience. Through the easy to use and intuitive Windows based graphical user interface, application users are able to view all Document Types within a designated Content Manager system and selectively perform a high volume automated extraction of either all or selective documents and index fields from the repository.

Our customer base is therefore embracing the cloud solutions Integritie are offering, with many projects completed and more on going. Customers are discovering the ease and convenience of using KC Online as it is a comprehensive social media and content management case management cloud, with ready to use applications. Integritie have invested over 10,000 man days to develop the KC Online IPR and secure hosted infrastructure, we have over 275,000 lines of source code that enable Integritie to provide extensive 'out of the box' functionality. Put simply, the significant investment has ensured a proven low risk image and content service for our customers.

Integritie now hosts over 20 Terabytes of data in our fully managed cloud environments, much of it migrated from other ECM solutions. We have delivered a multitude of different applications including a Driving license application process, Government record, claims, operations, HR, Invoice Logging and complaints processes, to name but a few, although many customers just require a simple managed Archive and Retrieval system that can be accessed from anywhere they have the internet. Some of our current projects include Loan Applications automation, Expenses processes, and as the customer base grows so do the requirements and the applications available.

To find out more information about the KC Online Cloud, please click here.

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