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Supporting FileNet in the Cloud

24/9/14 - Written by Nick Richardson, Technical Services Manager, Integritie

Nick Richardson is the Technical Services Manager at Integritie and has over 10 years’ experience in a Technical Support and Managed Services environment. Nick and his team support Integritie’s large customer base which is made up of 350 customers over 32 countries.

When choosing Integritie's KC Online FileNet in the cloud solution, customers' have the option to select from two types of support cover. The 'Standard' contract provides coverage Monday to Friday, 9am to 5:30pm and our 'Extended' contract provides full coverage 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

These support contracts provide Integritie's customers with full access to our Service Desk, which has been built on the ITIL principles and delivers a world class service to both our domestic and international customers through the delivery of reactive and proactive support services.

As well as supporting our own products and cloud solutions such as SMC4 and KC Online (Built on IBM FileNet), our Service Desk is also trained to provide support for solutions like Kofax and Hyland OnBase (document scanning and processing).

We provide our customers with multiple ways of interacting with the Service Desk including telephone, e-mail and our Online Support Portal, which gives our customers a higher level of control and visibility.

Our Service Desk engineers take full ownership of each case from receipt through to resolution and work closely with our customers during each stage of the ticket's lifecycle, whether it's an incident, problem, service request or change.

The Service Desk team have access to the latest remote support technology, which provides a simple and fast method of connecting to our customers' KC Online FileNet in the cloud environments to help speed up the incident diagnosis and resolution process.

In addition to this, our Service Desk is backed up by a team of highly certified Technical Specialists who are experts in implementing and supporting FileNet in the cloud solutions. In the event that our level 1 and 2 engineers are unable to resolve an incident, our internal escalation process is initiated to ensure that the case is quickly and effectively re-assigned to the required level 3 Technical Specialist.

KC Online - Service Management

In addition to the reactive service that the Integritie Service Desk provides, we continuously strive to improve and develop our proactive services. Each of Integritie's KC Online FileNet in cloud systems is actively monitored to detect and resolve minor incidents before they become service impacting events.

For example, below are some of the items that our Service Desk proactively monitors;

  • Performance - CPU, memory (RAM) and network usage, including automated alerting which is triggered based on medium and high severity thresholds.

  • Availability - Tracking the agreed availability vs the attained availability, providing details of any unplanned outages and the incidents that led to them.

  • Capacity - Storage and license allocations are carefully monitored to ensure that our customers are made aware when the additional resources are required. This helps our customers manage their systems in a cost-effective manner.

  • We also conduct regular reviews with our customers to ensure that the service is performing to their expectations and meeting the agreed service levels.

To find out more information about KC Online, please click here.

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