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Top 5 Reasons for Utilising Social Media

17/9/14 - Written by Sam Clive, Pre-Sales Technical Consultant, Integritie

Sam Clive is a Pre-Sales Technical consultant who on a day to day basis works with a large customer base to understand and develop project requirements. He also has previous experience with all things digital marketing, design and social media.

Utilising social media should be a necessary part of every businesses marketing plan, there is no other way to have your messages reach millions of people, all over the globe, in such a quick and efficient way. Businesses that are still using social media in an ad-hoc way are quick to put a damper on this statement, as they are yet to see the true potential that it can offer.

While the positives of using social media can be overwhelming for businesses, make no mistake, get it wrong and the consequences can be devastating. It is therefore imperative to make use of social media management tools that can help bring control to the potential chaos.

This article outlines the top 5 reasons for why businesses should be utilising social media, and how Integritie can help bring control to these processes through SMC4.

5. Drive Traffic to your Website

Overwhelming your customers with advanced technical knowledge on social media sites, is a sure fire way of the majority zoning out and not taking on board your messaging. Proper planning will ensure that all messages are succinct and engaging, enough so to make the reader want to find out more information.

The bulk of information surrounding what you and your solutions do, should be easily available on your website, and using social media to drive people to those pages provides an easy way of increasing views. Social sharing will also have an impact on your SEO, so why wouldn't you actively promote your content on social media, with the ability to reach so many people?

Publishing on social media has been made easier with SMC4's features that enable messages (including links and images) to be published simultaneously across multiple social sites. The scheduling feature also means that you can easily and efficiently set up multiple messages to be sent out throughout the week.

4. Understand What's Being Said About You.

Social media is a fantastic way of understanding what people think about your products, solutions and business. Even if people are not directly messaging yourself you can still track hashtags and mentions of your brand or products.

Almost everyone now has access to some form of social media via their mobile phone, providing brands with 24 hour access to their customers and vice versa, making it incredibly easy for an angry customer to voice their concerns, in a very public way.

SMC4 uses IBM Content Analytic's to understand the sentiment and content of social media messages, flagging up complaints for example, which in turn can trigger powerful workflows within Integritie's Advanced Case Management Solution. This enables the business to efficiently deal with any challenges, by structuring all information within a case that provides a single view of all documents that will be required to resolve any issues.

3. Brand Protection

It is now imperative for businesses to understand how they can protect their brand online. Poor social media management will often lead to customer complaints getting far more attention that if they are dealt with quickly. It's not just complaints either, people using inappropriate language on your public profiles can harm your reputation.

Gaining control over what your public facing social media sites look like for visitors, whether new or existing is important when ensuring that all elements of the business are promoting the correct messaging and cannot cause any offence.

SMC4 has the ability to remove any profanities from social media sites, in real time, ensuring full brand protection 24/7. The ability to send automatic replies to individuals that are attempting to post inappropriate material enables the business to educate their customers as to what is the best way of resolving their issues. SMC4 also utilises IBM FileNet, a secure data repository, which stores all social media messages even if they are deleted off social sites at a later date, enabling full accountability.

2. Engaging with your customers

So far this article has focused around how to manage the negatives of social media, but there can be so many positives out there. Each of your customers are experts in their own right of your software/products as they may well be using it daily, and being able to capture feedback instantly can really help build credible and lasting relationships.

Engage with a customer in a positive way, and they will be more likely to tell their friends (on social and in real life) about their experience. It will also encourage them to engage with the brand in the future, knowing they will get a response. This positive perception of your brand may well influence their future purchasing decisions and could even jump to your aid if another customer has something negative to say.

Ignoring your customer base on social media can send out a damaging view, as people now expect immediate responses. People will often now use a company's Facebook profile to see how well they deal with their customers. Seeing a company actively engaging with its customers, even if the original message is negative, reassures people that using social media is a quick and easy way of getting a response if there is ever a problem.

SMC4 enables real time responses, enabling customer service agents to deliver the best possible service. Built in reporting tools enable management to track the progress of open and closed messages, whilst also ensuring that all messages leaving the company are compliant and up to date with the latest company messaging.

1. Deliver Better Customer Service.

All the reasons so far within this list point to one major advantage of using social media, the ability to deliver outstanding customer service.

Customers want immediate responses and using social media enables the company to provide just that, there is now no need to phone the company and be kept on hold for hours at a time. Responding to complaints quickly and efficiently will lead to higher customer satisfaction, better reviews and more recommendations. SMC4 has an additional Knowledge Management Solution (KMS) that is purpose built to help reduce traffic to call centres, by leveraging social media auto responses to provide customers with troubleshooting articles, providing customer service agents with a platform to rapidly find related articles to problems and generally deliver better customer service.

Being able to protect your brand, understand your customers perception of the business and potentially drive people to your website where they can get all the latest information about your products are just a few of the ways that social media enables your business to provide the best possible experience to your customers.

In Summary…

SMC4 is a complete social media management tool that enables efficient and compliant responses, the ability to schedule messages ahead of time, offers powerful workflow capabilities and excellent tools for management to monitor the effectiveness of the customer service agents to name just a few positives. Combined with a low monthly cost, full development roadmap and 24/7 support, SMC4 is a great way of managing the vast amount of data that is social media, ultimately enabling your business to excel in providing fantastic customer experience.

To find out more information about SMC4, please click here.

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