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O2 Reduces Service Costs and Improves Customer Responsiveness

Customer Challenge

O2, part of the Telefonica Group, faced a challenge in managing the expediential growth and management of customer letters, emails and other communications, impacting the time required to reply to customers. It was clear to O2 that automation of the call centre and communication capture process was required.


Integritie Solution

O2 wanted a solution that could manage the entire process as a 'case', from receipt of the enquiry through to resolution and response. It was also important to retain critical customer correspondence in a single, secure location to support future customer service requests. O2 selected Integritie's case management solution, built on the capabilities of the IBM Enterprise Content Management Portfolio.


As a result of implementing the Integritie Knowledge Capture Online Advanced Case Management solution, O2 realised quantitative and qualitative benefits in their ability to serve their millions of customers, whilst reducing service costs, and providing a more efficient work environment for thousands of Customer Service Advisors.

Customer Profile

O2 is a leading provider of mobile services to consumers and businesses in the UK and is the commercial brand of Telefonica UK Limited, a subsidiary of Telefonica Europe. O2 runs 2G, 3G and 4G networks. As well as operating O2 Wifi and owning part of Tesco Mobile, O2 has over 450 retail stores and sponsors The O2, O2 Academy venues and the England rugby team.

Business Challenge

O2 faces the challenges of an extremely competitive market. Customer service and retention are critical differentiators for a provider. Rapidly evolving technologies require a provider to support increasingly complex and diverse service offerings.

With this comes a complex process of managing high volumes of customer information to support the hundreds of retail stores and multiple contact centres that act as an entry point for customer enquiries and support. O2's enquiries cover a wide spectrum of topics, from simple requests for a copy of a lost billing statement, to detailed technical support for a smart phone.

O2 highly value all types of customer communication from letters and emails to phone calls. Each communication provides additional insight into understanding the customer, individual or corporation. Having access to this correspondence can significantly improve a Customer Service Advisor's (CSA) ability to understand the customer's history and resolve the enquiry as efficiently as possible. However, the challenge facing O2 was to find a means to efficiently and consistently capture all types of in-bound customer correspondence, across all channels, and accurately route the request to the appropriate CSA. In addition, O2 wanted to provide an environment to allow relevant parts of the business to investigate, resolve and respond to the customer quickly.

Integritie Solution

Integritie's Knowledge Capture Advanced Case Management solution enables O2 to capture inbound customer communications that arrive via letter, email and attachments, fax and web forms. It is then classified based upon a dynamic set of predefined questions that determine subsequent processing actions and sent to the CSA.

Each CSA is associated with a profile that indicates the types of requests they are skilled at handling and the actions they can take when investigating, resolving and responding to the customer request. Sequential stages of the process can be completed under system guidance or determined by the CSA prior to progressing to the next stage. This flexibility allows the advisor to apply their knowledge and expertise and include relevant content and comments to explain why certain steps were taken or decisions made.

In certain situations processing may be delayed until additional information is received, such as requesting further details from the customer, or pending review by a supervisor/other department. A diary capability enables work to be pended to a future date/time. As additional content or communication arrives, the solution enables O2 to automatically add these to an existing case and reprioritise if necessary. CSAs have the flexibility to progress the case to the next stage of the process once appropriate information has been received.

The sophisticated search capabilities of Integritie's case management solution also provide CSAs with more relevant search results helping to speed the response time for enquiries.

O2 customer service resources are geographically distributed. There are more than a dozen separate customer service facilities in-country and off-shore. To further optimise the processing of customer requests, Integrities case management solution allows portions of the work to be processed by offshore low-cost resources while maintaining tight control to guarantee service level commitments.

Managing the progression of complex customer requests is a key factor in providing differentiated customer service. By using the case model to process customer requests the current status of any case is immediately available to CSAs and supervisors. Case metrics and statistics also permit extensive reporting and auditing reporting to assess efficiency and throughput, as well as provide a detailed view of who did what and when.

Customer correspondence is beneficial to other departments that bear some customer service responsibilities. Integritie's case management solution is integrated with O2's billing systems. The integration enables CSA's to seamlessly and securely access customer content and communications processed/retained within the case management solution, providing a more detailed understanding of customer history and context. For the most part, customer service workloads are cyclical and predictable. However, to accommodate unexpected fluctuations O2 supervisors can monitor workloads and resources in real time and reprioritise requests and thus direct members of their team to respond to the priorities in order to maintain the expected level of responsiveness.

In addition to the customers inbound enquiry and correspondence captured by O2, the investigation, resolution and response generates additional information. A CSA may respond to a customer enquiry via email; subject matter experts from other departments such as network, billing, corporate legal, etc. may also contribute additional content or information to the case; a confirmation letter summarising the resolution could be printed or emailed; a corrected billingstatement can be sent; or in the case of very complex customer inquiries (typically from corporate accounts) there may be a set of documents and legal correspondence that summarise the resolution.

Throughout the customer lifecycle, from initial customer acquisition, which often involves capture of information on a printed or web form as well as proof of residence and/or customer identification, and in all interactions involving inbound and outbound customer correspondence, the Integritie case management solution allows O2 to efficiently capture and securely retain relevant information to create a complete correspondence history.


As a result of implementing Integritie's case management solution, O2 realised quantitative and qualitative benefits in their ability to serve millions of customers, reduce service costs, and provide a more efficient work environment for thousands of CSAs.

Information from Integritie's case management system in conjunction with O2's CRM system provides CSAs the details of previous customer calls to the contact centres as well as a history of customer correspondence. CSRs now have a better understanding of the customer's needs in context of the history of interaction.

Within 3 months, O2 increased their ability to manage customer correspondence by 100%. Previously the average response time to customer enquiries had been about 5 days. Response time has now been reduced to 2 days. The overall result has been a reduction of 'cost to manage' customer interactions, while simultaneously improving the quality of customer service through faster response times.

From the employee perspective, CSAs have also realised greater job satisfaction and productivity via their improved abilities (capture, classify, process, prioritise, monitor status, complete record of correspondence history) to investigate, resolve and respond to customer enquiries.

Although Integritie's case management solution was initially implemented to improve handling of customer correspondence, other departments recognised the value of a solution that provides an environment to capture and securely manage documents, content and correspondence specific to their areas of business. Consequently, the solution is now employed as a strategic archive for business critical documents.

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