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Cleaning 'graffiti' from social media sites with sophisticated content analytics tools

If someone complains, criticizes or attacks your organization through social media, that criticism can quickly go viral before you even have a chance to respond. How would it be if you could instantly detect and delete these inappropriate social media messages, protecting your reputation and brand image?


After a social media storm forced closure of its Facebook page, the Regina Police Service needed to more effectively enforce its terms of use. The agency implemented the Integritie Social Media SMC4 solution, built on IBM® Enterprise Content Management software, to automatically capture and screen social media messages. The improved controls enable the Regina Police Service to rapidly detect and automatically hide inappropriate messages across its social media pages, and reassure visitors that the sites are safe for civil discourse.

Customer Challenge

Established in 1892, the Regina Police Service has grown to more than 530 employees, including police officers, special constables and civilians. The agency is sworn to protect the rights of individuals in the city of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

When a police officer from the Regina Police Service shot a citizen's dog while in pursuit of a suspect in an aggravated assault, the incident sparked a social media storm. The agency's Facebook and Twitter pages were inundated with inappropriate comments such as, "The only good police officer is a dead one", inflaming an already tense situation. Personnel assigned to monitor site content could not handle the sheer volume of threats and profanity. Within days of the incident, pervasive and flagrant violations of the website's terms of use caused Chief of Police, Troy Hagen, to order the agency's Facebook page suspended.

Integritie Solution

The Regina Police Service knew that it needed to take action to keep its social media pages free from inappropriate messages. The agency joined forces with IBM Business Partner Integritie to implement the Social Media SMC4 solution. Built on the IBM Enterprise Content Management platform, SMC4 integrates with the Regina Police Service's existing social media infrastructure, adding stronger, more flexible content controls, filtering and analysis. The solution automatically logs all interaction across the agency's social media pages, monitors incoming and outgoing messages, and archives all communication.

Using IBM FileNet® Content Manager and IBM Enterprise Records software, SMC4 captures and governs incoming social media messages in a central repository. Underlying IBM Content Analytics with Enterprise Search software helps interpret and preprocess the messages for near-real-time detection of inappropriate content, such as profanity, racism and sexist communication. The offending content is automatically hidden from view and can be placed in a controlled workflow for immediate review and response. The software also evaluates messages in the context of conversations and detects sentiment, helping the Regina Police Service prioritize response.

When the Regina Police Service reopened its Facebook page, a few people tried to take the discussion back to the earlier incident and used profanity. The SMC4 solution instantly went into action, deleting the messages and sending auto responses stating that profanity violated the agency's terms of use and that the senders are welcome to repost their comments using acceptable language. "Other people coming into the site can see these auto responses, so the solution helps us reassure visitors that we are enforcing our usage policies," says Elizabeth Popowich, Manager of Public Information and Strategic Communication for the Regina Police Service.

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