Integritie Newsletter - April 2014

Integritie - Supporting Our Customers

The Integritie Helpdesk Support Service provides a single point for technical problem resolution, access to specialist help, comprehensive support on multiple platforms and accepts ownership of queries and problems from receipt of calls until resolution.

Our Helpdesk supports over 25,000 users, in 15 countries, dealing with over 2,000 dedicated support calls each year. We have 35 specialist skilled team members, with over 175 skill areas to deal with customer support issues.

Our Helpdesk major skill areas cover IBM, Kofax, Onbase and Integritie own products. The Integritie Helpdesk support is 24x7x365 days and supports Europe, Americas, Asia & Pacific countries.

Paying customers receive a dedicated email, telephone, and internet Webex helpdesk technical support service. Each customer’s technical support call is allocated to an Integritie technical specialist who is the resolution owner during the life cycle of the problem. Integritie provide helpdesk support service levels tailored to customer’s needs, which include triggers for escalation based on elapsed time, technical level severity and quality thresholds.

Integritie deliver resolution ownership whilst making it a priority to keep customers informed of resolution progress.

For more information on how Integritie can support your solutions, please contact

Integritie HR Solution

Protect Your Social Media Brand and Reputation with SMC4

If someone criticizes or attacks your company, school, club, a local celebrity or family through social media, such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, that criticism can quickly go viral before anyone is aware of it. This is why social media automated observation is needed.

SMC4 automatically hides inappropriate communications from social media pages, such as profanities, racism or sexist communication, in turn helping to protect companies, organisations and individual reputations and brands from public communication sabotage.

SMC4 has many advanced dictionaries, such as complaints, profanities, cyber bullying, threats, racism, sexism and more. SMC4’s dictionaries are combined with advanced content analytics to recognise the differences between inappropriate communications and genuine complaints. SMC4 has automated management tools that know how to handle each different type of communication. A complaint will be automatically transferred into a SMC4 Complaints workflow, while social communication that is considered inappropriate, such as profanities or abuse, will be hidden from your social media site.

Try SMC4 for free today, and help protect your company, organisation or families from social media abuse. Register here.

SMC4 Brand Control

New: SMC4 Supports SMS Messaging

SMC4 has released support for SMS messages, ensuring that all messages are stored and managed via SMC4 and all messages are responded to in a compliant manner, bringing policy control to SMS messaging.

KC Online SMC4 Supports Instagram

Instagram is an online photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service that enables its users to take pictures and videos, apply digital filters to them, and share them on a variety of social networking services, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr. KC Online now supports Instagram (owned by Facebook), which provides capture and control of Instagram social communications.

SMC4 now supports Instagram, enabling our customers to listen, monitor and analyse one of the largest growing photo and video social media channels, used by more than 30million users worldwide and uploads more than 5million new pictures every day.

Integritie Renewals Services

Integritie provides a one-stop software and hardware renewal service, with a dedicated renewals service who co-ordinates renewal administration. We help customers to simplify their renewal process by consolidating renewal contracts and expiry dates, reducing the number of contracts and administrative costs.

Integritie renew customer’s software and hardware maintenance on time, providing customers excellent advance notification of pending renewals, which assists financial departments regarding planning and budgetary processes. This ensures no surprises, while ensuring customers renewal coverage do not lapse, and helps to avoid late renewal charges.

Integritie also offer a renewals helpdesk service, dedicated to answering general renewals questions, and providing a central point of contact for all hardware and software renewal needs.

Integritie provide renewals support for IBM server and storage devices and peripherals, IBM Software and renewals and provide renewal services for capture devices such as scanners, VRS, Kofax, Kodak, Bell & Howell, Fujitsu, HP and many other peripherals.

The resulting solution automatically sifts through data in email and social media posts, tweets and comments, using text mining, natural language processing and sentiment analytics to detect words and tones that might indicate significant property damage or convey distress. Security First Insurance can then prioritize the messages and route them to the appropriate personnel, who can provide reassurance, handle complaints or begin the claims process.

We would be pleased to discuss renewal consolidation and the savings and service improvements your company can achieve, just send an email to requesting a renewal quotation.

Arabic Version for SMC4

To support the international customer base of KC Online, SMC4 has been extended to provide localised Arabic language support. SMC4 also supports English, French, Spanish and German.

SMC4 Awarded USA Trademark

Integritie are pleased to announce the official trademark registration of SMC4 with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Integritie are also applying for the European Union Patent and Trademark for SMC4.

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