Integritie Newsletter - December 2013

Knowledge Capture Online Accounts Payable

The KC Online AP module incorporates the very latest image capture, optical character recognition, (OCR) and content management technology.

KC Online AP enables the seamless management of the whole accounts payable function, from initial digital capturing of the invoice to processing through the approvals and query processes.

Automating your accounts payable function could save your company up to 50% in operating costs.

Some of the many benefits KC Online AP offers include:

  • Time and cost saving by automatically extracting information from invoices and loading them into the Finance legacy system, (removing data entry).

  • Replaces paper with digital storage, freeing up desk and office space.

  • Increases accuracy of AP processing by enabling automatic extraction of data and data loading, (can be 15% more accurate than manual data entry).

  • Automatic email notifications and reminders for invoice payments and processing, helping to control service levels and next steps.

  • Easy digital review of invoices, purchase orders and credit notes from your computer, ‘go paperless’.

  • KC Online is free to KC Online customers who own full licences, and can be trialled at any time. (image capture is a separate additional cost).

    For more information about Knowledge Capture Online Accounts Payable please Click Here

Police and Emergency Services Using SMC4

In many communities, the first line of communication is by, and through, the municipal police agency. These organizations provide important and vital public safety information to the local citizens in order to maintain and preserve law and order and provide a sense of overall community safety.

Foilcon, a Premier Integritie Partner, actively engages policing agencies globally, introducing them to the power of SMC4 as a front line Social Media communication, compliance and control tool. For many agencies, having social media simply means they have a dedicated Facebook and Twitter account and public information officers (PIO) who are authorized to speak on the agency's behalf.

Integritie and Foilcon work with agencies to enable centralized Social Media control in decentralized environments, this enables the transition from a departmental view of Social Media communications to a centralized enterprise command and control model where all related communications are automatically captured, archived and analyzed for trends and key words and phrases. SMC4’s scalable social enterprise solution enables each agency to expand and grow their use of Social Media with the knowledge that SMC4 will scale with them, providing enterprise capabilities regardless of the agen-cy's present size and current requirements.

Additionally the rise of cyber-bullying as an ongoing community threat has been articulated by multiple agencies. SMC4 provides a tactical and strategic platform to engage policing, education, parents and guardians to provide a means of identifying the situations of cyber-bullying, the alleged perpetrators and victims in an effort to assist schools and other traditional areas of bullying safer and transparent to those concerned.

We are committed to work with the Police agencies to further develop SMC4 to ensure social media can be leveraged to help and support communities. For more information please Click Here

SMC4 New Features and Functions

Key Word Identification

New KC Online SMC4 features and functions are released each quarter, this newsletter shares some of the updates.

KC Online’s SMC4 now includes highlighting key words in the incoming messages, this ensures the messages are directed to the correct people and can be dealt with in a quicker manner, improving customer experience and management.

Try SMC4 for free by Clicking Here

Filter Conversations by Social Network

Filtering by Social Media Account is now available in the SMC4 conversation list views in Active, Pending, Inbox and Closed. This new feature enables users to look at specific social media accounts, rather than all messages received. Users can easily find past messages and monitor which social media accounts messages are coming in from.

SMC4 is free to customers who own KC Online licences, and can be trialled at any time. To learn more visit

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