Integritie Newsletter - February 2014

KC Online Claims Processing Module

The capture, management and control of claims processing can be very difficult to achieve efficiently. KC Online is a mechanism which captures, processes, manages and tracks claims, routing each claim within specific cases.

The KC Online Advance case manager application means that documents are automatically routed to the right policy number and case once scanned, furthermore, Integritie works with your organisation to replicate your processes and flows to create specific check lists. These advanced work queues ensure processes are controlled and refined and cannot be deviated from. Process steps cannot be missed, giving organisations the confidence that steps are being followed accurately.

When processing a claim or case, KC Online is split into four main areas. Firstly case processing, where the user follows defined checklists in order to process each case, secondly a case document section, where our drag and drop feature enables users to easily add documents into a case or claim. Thirdly, case notes are able to be saved within the case, and finally, a viewer to search and review the case documents, such as a letter or photograph of the claim. When reviewing a case, different access requirements can be set up, such as either administration access to process the claims, or supervisor access to accept or reject claims.

KC Online also offers advanced reporting features, which helps with increasing productivity and reducing resources. Queue monitoring features enable resources to be allocated depending on what department is the busiest. The deadline dashboard shows whether cases are coming close to the SLA agreements being in breech.

Key benefits on implementing KC Online Claims Processing:

  • Customers can define their own unique processes or flows to create specific checklists when processing cases.

  • Advanced case management automates each claim case by adding documents straight into specific cases.

  • Increases productivity and saves costs by reducing paper.

  • KC Online provides audit trails of documents, which are initialled, time and date stamped for quick queries and compliance.

  • Traffic light alert system for SLAs to determine whether a breech will occur.

KC Online Claims is free to all KC Online users. For more information on what KC Online can offer, please Click Here

Integritie HR Solution

KC Online - Global In Country Cloud Locations

Integritie has enhanced our hosting service in terms of the geographic reach, security, infrastructural resilience and operational capabilities offering in country. This is evidenced by the accreditations including PCI DSS for Physical Hosting Services, ISO27001 and ISO9001 compliance.

The KC Online data centres are all environmentally controlled and equipped with industry-leading hardware, high levels of security throughout, with the latest in power management, cooling technology, and industrial standard fire protection and suppression systems.

KC Online is a virtualised solution based on a managed VMware platform with associated enterprise-class NetApp storage and delivered to an enterprise grade 99.9%.

Within the UK we have three state-of-the art UK data centres, with Harrogate as our primary data centre, Reading the DR facility, and a third centre in London.

Outside of the UK the Integritie’s KC Online Cloud Services are available across the globe through our Managed Cloud Platform, and are accessible via the Internet from anywhere in the world at any time. Our primary hosting services are deployed in Virginia, USA with DR located in San Jose, California; additionally we have facilities in Amsterdam, Sydney, Melbourne, Johannesburg, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Integirite global cloud locations

SMC4 Observer Cyber Bullying and Crime Prevention Tool

It is important that parents, school administrators and the Police are immediately made aware of cyber bullying risks in order to protect children from harm and threats, while also providing authorities the information required to identify the bullies and take appropriate action.

SMC4 Observer helps prevent cyber bullying and crime and helps to escalate to authorities when risks and issues arise.

The advanced content analytics and dictionaries within SMC4 analyses social media messages and only high risk messages are flagged and reported. From these flagged messages appropriate actions can be taken related to the severity of the message.

The reporting features in SMC4 Observer are extensive and can be customized to show specific information, such as common occurring words, demographics of who are sending the messages, geographical locations of bullies and perpetrators and conversation history to help build cases against the worst offenders.

Filenet Content Archive

FileNet - Social Media Connector and Archival Application

The SMC4 Social Media Connector for FileNet is the first software application that enables companies to archive social media messages into existing content management repositories.

SMC4 enables companies to capture, classify and archive social media messages into any Content Management system, such as IBM FileNet, CMOD, Microsoft SharePoint and OpenText, through the SMC4 open standard API, providing a central long term archive, e-Discovery and Legal compliance to search and access.

SMC4 Social Media Connector delivers transactional and safe integration between SMC4’s capture platform and connected ECM systems by using the CMIS standard protocols.

The benefits of using SMC4 Social Media Connector are:

  • SMC4’s powerful Social Media capture and connected ECM system provides a consistent process for securely capturing all Social Media messages.

  • SMC4 integration accelerates business process by collecting Social Media messages and transforming them into accurate, actionable information and delivering them into the corporate ECM system for archive or workflow processing.

  • Utilise existing document management infrastructure (servers and storage)

  • Create a 360 degree view of client information

  • Utilise Social Media messages to trigger existing workflows

  • Leverages existing repository licence costs or ongoing maintenance

  • Single point of social media and corporate record backup and security

  • Existing in-house technical skills and knowledge

  • SMC4 also enables content analytics to be used on company social media data

It only takes 5 minutes to sign up and start archiving your social media messages! Click here for a FREE trial

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