Integritie Newsletter - January 2014

SMC4 Observer Helping Schools and Police Protect Children from Bullying and Crime

Integritie are BETA testing SMC4 Observer, our latest SMC4 release, which is a Social Media Cyber Bully observing tool. We invite schools to BETA test Observer for free. If your school is interested in BETA testing SMC4 Observer please contact

Observer enables schools to detect early warning signs of bullying, drug use, gang culture etc, helping highlight and prevent risks to children. The Observer reporting technology enables immediate detection of inappropriate or risky communications, enabling fast action from Schools and Police to stamp out bullying and other threats to children.

Social Media Safety Online

  • Observer provides a secure Social Media reporting platform to observe and control inward and outward Facebook, Twitter and other social media communications

  • Observer can automatically delete inappropriate and offensive comments from students social media pages, providing a forum that is safe from cyber bullying, predators and undesirable communication

  • Observer automatically highlights bullying and other related words to parents, school officials or Police depending on the risk assessment

  • Observer provides early warning signs regarding bullying, drug use, gang culture, health and other issues discussed via social media tools.

Pupil Key Benefits

  • Observer provides safer social media communication

  • Identifies bullies

  • Stops social media abuse

  • Focus on reasonable communication rather than victimisation

School Key Benefits

  • Immediate knowledge of bullying, risky and abusive messages

  • Real time reports enabling immediate actions to be taken

  • Enables adherence to School Policies regarding bullying and conduct and safety

  • For more information please, click here


SMC4 Supports Apple and Android Applications

Integritie is delighted to announce that mobile apps are now available on the two most popular mobile platforms, Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad), enabling customers to access the SMC4 app anywhere they are working in the world!

The SMC4 mobile app enables remote workers in sales, marketing, customer service, HR, product development, claims, fraud and compliance to easily:

  • Listen to customers

  • Respond to customer feedback

  • Approve responses and posts

  • Deliver a superior service to VIPs

  • Manage complaints efficiently

  • Quickly respond to sales leads

  • Manage campaigns and customer engagement

  • Review competitors and affiliates

SMC4 Mobile enables companies to easily respond to prospects and customers. It enables companies to deliver a standardised level of service, critical to multi-channel businesses such as retail, insurance, banking and telco.

We’ve had a lot of interest from our Law Enforcement customers who like the fact that SMC4 can support their officers on the beat and crime prevention managers who need to work in multiple locations and need to access this intelligent source of information.

Offering a mobile app has enabled us to compete and differentiate our solution further in this very busy social media marketplace.

Tell your customers and try it yourself, available now to download from the Google and Apple app stores!

To download the apps, please visit:

Apple or Android

Integritie HR Solution SMC4 Mobile

The Regina Police Service Keeps its Social Media Sites Free From "Graffiti"

Content analytics tools helps maintain online spaces where people feel safe sharing thoughts and ideas

Established in 1892, the Regina Police Service has grown to more than 530 employees, including police officers, special constables and civilians. The agency is sworn to protect the rights of individuals in the city of Regina, Saskatchewan.

After a social media storm forced closure of its Facebook page, the Regina Police Service needed to more effectively enforce its terms of use. It implemented the Integritie SMC4 solution, which is built on IBM® Enterprise Content Management software to automatically capture, interpret and preprocess social media messages. The agency reopened its Facebook page with controls in place to detect and hide profanity and provide auto responses reassuring visitors that the site was safe for civil discourse.


The Regina Police Service operates one of the most forward-thinking government social media platforms. However, it was not prepared for the media storm that occurred in March 2013 after a police officer shot a citizen’s dog, while in pursuit of a suspect in an aggravated assault. The incident went viral. The agency’s Facebook and Twitter accounts were inundated with inappropriate comments, inflaming an already tense situation. As an example: "The only good police officer is a dead one". The personnel assigned to monitor site content appropriateness could not handle the volume of threats and profanity. Within days of the incident, pervasive and flagrant violations of its terms of use caused Chief of Police, Troy Hagen, to order the Facebook page suspended.


The Regina Police Service contracted with IBM Business Partner Integritie to implement a cloud-based solution. Built on the IBM Enterprise Content Management platform, Integritie’s SMC4 service is designed to integrate with the agency’s existing social media infrastructure, adding stronger controls and flexible content filtering and analysis. Using IBM FileNet® Content Manager and IBM Enterprise Records software, the SMC4 solution captures and governs incoming social media messages in a central repository. The underlying IBM Content Analytics with Enterprise Search software helps interpret and preprocess the messages for near-real-time action. It also evaluates messages in the context of conversations and detects sentiment, helping the Regina Police Service prioritize response.

The deployment required no additional infrastructure or associated costs. When the Regina Police Service reopened its Facebook page, six months later, a few people tried to take the discussion back to the March event and used profanity. The SMC4 solution worked as designed, deleting the messages and sending auto responses stating that profanity violates the agency’s terms of use and that the senders are welcome to repost their comments using acceptable language. "Other people coming into the site can see these auto responses, so the solution helps us reassure visitors that we are enforcing our usage policies," says Elizabeth Popowich, Manager of Public Information and Strategic Communication for the Regina Police Service. Moving forward, the Regina Police Service plans to continue to provide feedback to Integritie to further refine the SMC4 user-interface.

In addition, the agency is using the embedded IBM contextual analytics capabilities to identify when people have questions or complaints and respond accordingly, even during off hours.


  • Protects the agency’s reputation by automating social media and web content management, analysis and discovery

  • Saves employees time and improves responsiveness with monitoring and auto-response capabilities 24 hours a day, every day

  • Reduces costs by automatically enforcing the agency’s social media best practice and policy control document

  • For more information about how SMC4 can help Emergency Services, please click here

Content Analytics in KC Online and SMC4

Content Analytics is a rich-text platform that examines and detects actionable insights from unstructured information. By leveraging the power of content analytics KC Online can harness the entire information source and rather than focusing solely on structured data.

Content analytics provides similar features as structured analytics tools by surfacing insight such as sentiment, trends, patterns and correlations from unstructured information. Leveraging sophisticated natural language processing technology, Content Analytics understands the meaning and context of human language, in multiple languages, within textual information found in documents, reports, emails, social media messages and business applications.

As an integral part of KC Online, content analytics provides analysis of content within the online archive to automate decision management in how incoming and outgoing content is actioned, and derive insight and intelligence from held information.

Within SMC4, Content Analytics is used as the means to analyse and manage incoming and outgoing messages through Social Media channels. Content Analytics provides several functions, firstly as a means of vetting the content of the messages to make sure that the content is deemed as safe, and does not contravene any regulatory or internal policies. Secondly it is used to prioritise the messages and finally to action messages using workflow and business rules to assign and route or automatically process. Additionally, outbound correspondence is audited via Content Analytics prior to it ever leaving the company avoiding potential issues with message content.

To further enhance the capabilities of the content analytics platform, KC Online has industry and application specific dictionaries that allows automatic decision making to be made using the textual context of content. For example the financial services compliance dictionaries are used to monitor and manage content in the context of compliance, and hate and racist dictionaries are used in cyber-bullying applications.

By leveraging the power of cloud based content management, content analytics and libraries of dedicated dictionaries, the insight held within content becomes an easily accessible asset to improve productivity and derive invaluable knowledge.

For more information, please click here

Filenet Content Archive

Improve Customer Service and Reduce Operational Costs with KC Online Complaints Management

The capture, management and control of Complaints can be very difficult to achieve efficiently. KC Online is a mechanism to capture, process, manage and track complaints.

To address the issue of complaints processing, KC Online includes a readymade, out of the box, complaint capture and management module. Built around KC Online’s feature rich Advanced Case Manager application, the Complaints Manager tool has a pre-built complaint handling workflow process which takes an initial complaint, whether it be via phone, letter, email or social media and automatically creates a unique complaint case ready for processing.

By modifying a set of simple business based rules, complaints are automatically routed to a team of complaint handling agents to perform a range of actions including issue identification, escalation and resolution resulting in consistent customer outbound communication regardless of the initial format of communication.

By utilising the KC Online Advanced Case Management framework customers benefit from a simple to use and feature rich user interface, rapid process modification, predefined outbound communication templates, seamless integration with line of business applications and full process audit control and reporting.

KC Online Complaint Manager is included free of charge with KC Online Workflow and is just one of a range of out of the box business aligned modules designed to provide rapid out of the box functionality with a low cost per user, per month usage fee.

Contact Integritie today at, to take part in a live online webex to understand how KC Online Complaint Manager can cost effectively reduce costs and stream line your complaint handling process.

To learn more about our KC Online Complaints Module, click here

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