Integritie Newsletter - June 2014

Knowledge Capture Collaboration Like 'Drop Box'

The Knowledge Capture:® Online (KC Online) Collaboration module offers ‘drop-box’ like functionality to share, collaborate and manage documents within the Cloud.

Users can easily create, manage, distribute and archive documents in line with business processes and policies. The KC Online Collaboration module is designed to enable teams of people to securely work together on a document and share content, such as developing new marketing materials or legal documents.

The KC Online Collaboration solution provides:

  • Drag and drop of documents into KC Online

  • Capturing of documents from Android and Apple devices into KC Online

  • Life cycle management of documents from creation to long term archive

  • Secure distribution of documents to people with the correct access rights

  • Check in and check out with full version control

  • Automated email notification as documents are added

  • Optional Records Management capability for retention and final destruction.

KC Online is a totally secure image, social media and content service, which enables consolidated access to authorised documents by only the people who have the right security access levels.

KC Online Collaboration offers all of the additional benefits:

  • No more email attachments or zip files, users can view or download the latest version in seconds.

  • Shared folders enabling people to work together on the same projects and documents.

  • Invite colleagues to your folder. It will be as if you saved the folder to their computers.

  • See other people's changes instantly.

  • Control permissions to shared folders and links and lets you restrict members from sharing outside your team.

  • Any file saved to KC Online collaboration also instantly saves to your computers, phones, and the KC Online website.

  • Files are always available from the secure KC Online website.

  • KC Online Collaboration is totally secure, is always available, any changes can be undone and files can be undeleted. KC Online Collaboration archives your documents to keep a historic record of files, so you can retrieve at any time.

Integritie HR Solution

Social Media SMC4 Geo-Location Tracking

SMC4 geo-location tracking enables law enforcement agencies to search publicly posted social media traffic from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

SMC4 geo-location tracking can be customised for specific geographical search areas, by circling the area, isolating and identifying all social media users within the search area, and record dates, times and locations of any message sent from any particular user and from any mobile device. Data collected can be used in finding key witnesses, leads and solving crimes.

Key Benefits of SMC4 Geo-Location Tracking:

  • Set geographical search parameters and search any social media traffic

  • Isolate social media users

  • Set date and time parameters

  • Plot individual user traffic

  • Archive social messages

Social media messages are tracked in real time, ensuring that all posts are collected, viewed and archived before the posts can be deleted. Messages are viewed in a dashboard in order of risk priority and notifications are sent to the administrator for appropriate action to be taken.

Archiving these social media messages is critical in creating a chain of custody, and these messages can be used as evidence in court.

For more information please email

KC Online Extends Accounts Payable Module

Integritie announce extended functionality to our KC Online Accounts Payable module. The comprehensive extended function is called KC Online Active Pay.

The KC Online Active Pay module is designed to address complex AP needs from the standpoint of the employees involved in the review and approval of invoices and executives needing access to information. KC Online Active Pay is flexible to manage any AP process, and it provides custom configuration without changing the underlying software code.

KC Online Active Pay enables organisations to gain greater control over their AP functions and improves access to information, reduces manual work and improves workflow and validation functions. KC Online Active Pay provides strong and flexible functionality to automate invoice management and AP processes, eliminating labour intensive functions needed to manually receive, review, research, route, and access invoice information, which can lead to human errors, noncompliance, inefficient workflows and excessive costs.

The KC Online Active Pay AP module provides the following functionality to automate the invoice management and accounts payable process:

  • Invoice and document capture and scanning

  • Configurable AP workflow & validations

  • Automation of pre-match & reviews and approvals

  • Email notifications & exception routing

  • Built-in tracking and search

  • ERP integration to key AP systems

By automating the AP process with KC Online Active Pay, invoices and supporting documentation are handled in an efficient and timely manner with fewer resources and better oversight. Finance professionals have visibility to a complete audit trail of the approval of an invoice and access to real-time information to improve decision making on vendor payments.

The business benefits of using the KC Online Active Pay solution are:

  • Reduced processing time, errors, manual work and costs

  • Improved maintenance and access to vendor information (ERP / accounting systems)

  • Improved visibility into AP liabilities at any point in time

  • Improved decision making around vendor payments and discounts

  • Reduced paper handling, routing costs, and document storage costs

  • Increased employee productivity

  • Improved access and control of information

  • Reduced costs and potential penalties in complying with audits and financial reviews

  • Improved process analysis and real-time reporting capabilities (accruals, trends)

The KC Online Cloud combines the benefits of cloud computing including lower overhead and no infrastructure or deployment costs, while providing enterprise-grade security and compliance.

KC Online ECM applications are available in private and hybrid cloud deployment models ranging from managed hosting services to SaaS.

For a small monthly price increase, existing KC Online customers can upgrade to KC Online Active Pay.

Vote NO to Cyber Bullying

No To Bullies

To help schools and police tackle cyber bullying, Integritie have implemented a 'vote no to cyber bullying' button, where schools, police, parents and other community groups can join and show support for ending cyber bullying.

If you would like to show your support for ending cyber bullying, then please register here:

Students are able to self-onboard with their school using this button. Students are able to log onto the school’s website and choose to sign up for SMC4 Observer, for it to observe their social media sites to help keep them safe from online abuse.

For more information on SMC4 Observer, please click here

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