Integritie Newsletter - October 2013

Knowledge Capture Goes Mobile!

Knowledge Capture and SMC4 are available as a mobile application for Android and IOS (iPhone and iPad) mobile platforms. In addition, by year end we will also support Windows and Blackberry.

Knowledge Capture’s mobile function provides a feature rich application, which enables remote workers in sales, marketing, customer service, HR, product development, claims, fraud and compliance to easily:

SMC4 Observer Features and Functions include:

  • Respond to customer feedback remotely in real-time

  • Approve responses

  • Deliver a superior service to VIPs

  • Manage complaints efficiently

  • Quickly respond to sales leads

  • Manage campaigns and customer engagement

This mobile application gives companies the agility they need to remotely respond real time to prospects and customers.

It enables companies to deliver a real time level of service, critical to multi-channel businesses such as retail, insurance, banking and emergency services

Knowledge Capture’s mobile application also gives users full access to all of the functionality of SMC4, enabling them to interact with their social media and comprehensive social media management:

  • All social networking interaction are automatically logged in real time

  • Incoming and outgoing social media messages are automatically forwarded to the right people

  • Any potential issues are automatically flagged for further compliance review

  • Ensures all social media communications follow internal and regulatory compliance and controls

Additionally, outbound social media correspondence is audited prior to it ever leaving the company, therefore avoiding potential issues with message content. SMC4 also provides legal discovery that is compliant with electronic discovery standards.

SMC4 Mobile delivers:

  • Improved customer experience

  • Improved efficiency

  • Improved collaboration

SMC4 Mobile Supports:

Social networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Google+, IBM Connections

Email – MS Outlook

Users – Agents, Supervisors, Auditors, Administrators

Integritie Engage with Partners at a Global Level

Integritie’s route to market is partner focused, shown by the depth of bluechip partners that we have signed. We have signed partners globally, including partners in the USA, Canada, England, Germany, France, Australia, India, United Arab Emirates, Israel, and other counties, partnering with Integritie to sell Knowledge Capture Online (KC Online) and SMC4.

Integritie provide focused support to our partners by providing education, support and sales assistance, with partners enjoying high levels of profit. Developing our fermium version has enabled partners and customers to onboard and trial our product, providing a zero risk means to test and research the product and trial the Integritie partner model.

To help support our international partners and customers we have made signification investment into multi-language versions of KC Online and SMC4, which translates messages and automatically releases communication into back end content repositories and or workflows. Starting with the English language, Integritie have released customised user interfaces in French and Spanish, and is in final beta releases of German, Swedish and Arabic.

Integritie’s partner model is proving very successful, with Vmaack signing a large insurance customer to our cliental. Matthew Lambert, Vmaack, comments: ‘we are excited about Knowledge Capture’s SMC4 product and the differentiation it brings to our customer portfolio.’

For more information on partnering with Integritie please Click Here

Cumberland Building Society Implements Knowledge Capture Online

The Cumberland Building Society are the largest financial institution in Cumbria with 34 branches covering Cumbria, Southwest Scotland and North Lancashire. The society has in excess of 180,000 investors and 21,000 borrowers.

As part of its competitive business strategy, the Cumberland is continually looking to increase the operational efficiency of its back office by automating customer interactions in its core mortgage and investment areas. Therefore process automation solutions such as document management and workflow, were sought by the organisation to improve productivity and reduce costs. In addition, Cumberland’s growth in mortgage business outside its geographic branch network in Cumbria has generated higher volumes of applications and correspondence from customers and prospects.

Cumberland procured the Integritie Knowledge Capture Online (KC Online) Advanced Case Manager (ACMS) solution to provide a platform that would scale and evolve to meet immediate business challenges and future market needs. The Integritie solution provided a platform that not only addressed the immediate requirements but also provided an infrastructure to support their future operational developments in the Mortgages, Investments and Money Transmissions departments.

The Integritie KC Online ACMS solution was designed to provide a significant reduction in the time spent handling, filing and retrieving paperwork and in the process free up office space for operational activities. The KC Online ACMS also automates the collection and distribution of management statistics and reports.

KC Online ACMS allows Cumberland to easily capture and send communications such as letters, emails, faxes, web forms & SMS’s. Typically this correspondence would be stored in different systems, thus making it hard to obtain a complete picture and coordinate responses. KC Online ACMS’s ‘One view of the customer’ approach converts the correspondence into electronic documents, stores them in one place and shows them to the users through a single interface.

With the restrictions associated with paper, such as single access, whereabouts and limited storage, these electronic documents are then managed for regulatory compliance, and accessible across the organisation and out to the web. With sophisticated ‘Content & Records Management’, ‘Case Management’, ‘Process Management’ and ‘Reporting’ technology built into KC Online ACMS, Cumberland’s business managers can drive, manage, monitor and control the work very efficiently.

Key business benefits experienced are reduction in costs of processing predominantly paper based communications. Key areas from which these benefits are derived include:

  • Integration with the SUMMIT mortgage system to extract customer and account details during work allocation prior to processing by Cumberland staff.

  • Automated Rendezvous of incoming correspondence with cases already in process.

  • Removal of batching and counting tasks to facilitate handoff of work between departments in a controlled manner.

  • Reply capability through letter templates to speed outgoing correspondence.

In addition response to telephone or correspondence based customer queries and dealing with in branch customer visits has also greatly improved through the adoption of Integritie’s case management solution.

Cumberland are now looking into expanding the functionality and process within branches. This will extend the access to information within branches and reduce the time to service in branch customers.

Best of all, KC Online ACMS is a product, so Cumberland could see what they were attaining and did not have to wait a long time to start realising the benefits. This means the Cumberland solutions:

  • Were relevant to their current needs.

  • Did not consume large amounts of their resource during implementation

  • Started a return on investment almost immediately

"We have very few problems with KC Online ACMS. It’s very robust, the usability is second to none and the integration with SUMMIT was easy." commented Gary Richardson, General Manager IT, Cumberland Building Society. "The biggest benefit of KC Online ACMS is the time we save by being able to instantly view customer correspondence and details on the screen. We no longer have to search through paper on desks to find a piece of work, and our response times to customer queries have improved dramatically."

"We give a far better impression to our customers by being able to retrieve information quickly on screen rather than having to rely on paper files. Letter templates allow us to respond to them consistently and quickly in a fraction of the time it used to take. We can see all the outstanding work at a glance and juggle priorities in real time."

"With KC Online ACMS I can see exactly who has been working on a case, how long it has taken them and who has completed the various steps."

Alison Muir, Mortgage Administration Manager, Cumberland Building Society, comments: "KC Online ACMS is absolutely superb, it is so easy to use and manage, and has made a major improvement in the time taken to turn work around. Over the last 18 months my teams have handled an increase in work volumes of nearly 30% without an increase in headcount."

To read the full case study, please click here

How to Add a Free User to Trail Knowledge Capture’s SMC4

Knowledge Capture’s SMC4 Lite product enables users to start managing and controlling social media accounts for free.

The SMC4 Lite edition enables up to 5 users to manage 3 social media accounts and allows up to 10 transactions per day. Users are able to interact with preapproved compliance messaging, as well as using the content analytic and supervision features.

SMC4 Lite enables anyone to start using our social capture, communication, compliance and control product within only 5 minutes. We have many videos in place to show users quick and easy ways to start using the product. For a free trial, please visit here

Integritie Opens Offices in Birmingham and Manchester

Integritie is growing!

Integritie are pleased to announce the opening of our Birmingham and Manchester offices.

Integritie’s Head office is located in Portsmouth, but due to our ever expanding workforce we have opened offices in these regions to accommodate our widely dispersed employee and customer base.

Why Call the Company Integritie?

The company was first established in 2000, known under the name of Electronic Archive Solutions Limited, (e-ASL for short!) Even the shortened version was rather a mouthful!

Michael Veenswyk, the founder and CEO of the company, made the decision to move away from the original name. e-ASL branded the business too specifically to certain specialism's as e-ASL was continually developing and moving into different fields of technologies.

Michael wanted a name brand that reflected the company’s ethos and what it did.

Integrity was the perfect name, based on honesty and trust. Adding ’ie’ at the end, to brand it as ‘information experts’, while still encompassing the company ethos.

Since the clientele has grown globally, it was only fitting to add the globe icon.

13 years later Integritie have customers in 35 countries.

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