Integritie Newsletter - September 2013

Knowledge Capture's SMC4 Social Module Goes FREE!

Voted IBM Smarter Commerce Service of the Year 2013, Integritie announced their award winning, social media free edition called 'SMC4 Lite' this month. SMC4 provides companies and high profile individuals with total control of their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn messages, aiding them to protect their brand and reputation, manage multiple social media pages and growing message volumes, preventing social crises from inappropriate posts by the public or even from disgruntled employees and delivering out of hours response back to customers. The aim of launching SMC4 Lite is to allow companies and individuals to trial this limited feature software and penetrate the social media software market en mass.

"... Our clients are under pressure not just to be on social media, but to offer a consistent responsive customer service while addressing exponential growing volumes of messages in a timely and relevant way. SMC4 gives them the ability to do this." Neil Cockrell, Director of Sales, Integritie

Stamp Out Cyber Bullying!

For high profile individuals, schools, colleges and universities, SMC4 helps stamp out cyber bullying and trolling whose posts often go viral and devastate many lives in the process.

Is Your Head In The Sand?

For those working in the financial Services and Public Sector, regulatory compliance is preventing many from embracing social media. SMC4 helps put the controls in place that these companies can compliantly operate within and stops them ignoring customers.

Integritie has also revealed upgrades to its SMC4 Premium and SMC4 Enterprise packages, which start from only £25 per user/month and include additional social channels such as Google+, email, workflow and records management, with more being planned.

Trial SMC4 Lite Today!

Integritie Open Offices in Boston and New York

Integritie is growing!

We are delighted to announce that Integritie has expanded offices into the USA, opening offices in Boston, employing a range of people in the Boston and New York area.

We would like to welcome onboard Bill Martin Vice President of Sales North America’s, and Richard Marcus who have joined the Integritie New York team as Account Director Banking, Finance and Insurance NYC.

Michael Veenswyk, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Integritie, said: "We are excited about our expansion into the USA, enabling Integritie to provide local support and responsiveness to our North American customers and partners".

Security First Insurance Deepens Connection with Policyholders

Security First Insurance is ranked 5th in the Top 10 Personal and Residential Insurance Companies in Florida by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, headquartered in Ormond Beach, Florida. With a strong commitment to Florida—the company focuses on initiatives that support and protect Florida residents and communities.

The company has grown to serve nearly 170,000 Florida policyholders and offers the most technologically advanced systems and services in the industry. Security First Insurance was the first homeowner specialist in the U.S. to develop an iPhone app. In 2012 the company launched the industry’s first intelligent home inventory system, My Choice Home Protection, helping homeowners and insurance agents determine a more accurate estimate of personal property coverage.

Social networking is extremely attractive to financial services companies, offering tremendous opportunity to extend the reach, relationships, brand awareness and affinity for their brands, and grow market and wallet share.

To embrace Social Media financial services organizations such as Security First Insurance face a number of challenges. Chief among these challenges is the need to stay compliant with new and emerging regulatory compliance, security requirements and corporate policy mandates surrounding social media.

In response to this need, Integritie has brought its information management expertise to allow businesses to leverage social media channels through SMC4.

SMC4 is a social integration management and social intelligence application enabling marketing departments and advisors at financial, insurance, and other services organizations to leverage social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).

SMC4 allows businesses to actively participate in these dynamic new channels in a controlled and timely way, giving the business a share of voice, where the outgoing messages are assessed by IBM's Content Analytics to give employee’s confidence that the business is not exposed to undue risk. The archive of information provides a rich source of consumer behavioural data and provides a legal archive of all activity.

SMC4 manages and logs all social networking interaction and archives them for compliance review. Additionally, outbound correspondence is audited prior to it ever leaving the company avoiding potential issues with message content; again this is achieved by Content Analytics - providing textual analysis both for the content of messages as well as all demographic information as it relates to the entire pool of messages, this is used to provide social intelligence on the sentiment of messages from specific channels or by generally listening to social activity. SMC4 also provides legal discovery that is compliant with electronic discovery standards.

Security First are using social media channels as a means to communicate with their customer base to create interactive dialogues, but also as a mass communication tool in the event of natural disasters such as hurricanes. This allows Security first to pro-actively keep their customer based informed, but also as a way of communicating how customers should manage their claims, alleviating the pressure on other channels such as the call centre. SMC4 is used in this scenario as the means to manage the broadcasting of messages out to the Social Media channels, with Content Analytics providing the means of vetting the content of messages to make sure that the content is deemed as safe, and does not contravene any regulatory or internal policies.

Content Analytics is also used as a means of prioritizing the messages entering an organization by reading the content and based on business rules assigning a suitable priority and managing who is best placed to answer the message.

SMC4 has allowed Security First Insurance to actively participate in social media channels with the assurance they are compliant with the industry regulations.

SMC4 allows Security First to deliver their multi-channel customer engagement strategy, actively participating in social media channels to enter into dialogue with their customer base, market to them and inform, with the assurance they are compliant with the industry regulations.

To Read the full case study please, click here

Integration of IBM Connections as a New Channel

From within the SMC4 interface users are able to interact with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, eMail, Google+ and now IBM connections through one application.

IBM Connections is a leading social software platform that enables users to access the right people and content in professional networks and communities with a business context. Integritie have extended the social media channels that SMC is able to manage to include the IBM connections platform.

This increases the business oriented channels SMC4 is able to manage and further strengthens Integrities credibility within IBM in being able to integrate and add value to the wider IBM product family.

For each message content analytics is used to analyse the content of the message for compliance and routing purposes. Users can then reply and action the message, as well as publish new messages, with supervisory control if required.

The IBM Connections development has be shipped within the September release. The functionality will be showcased in late September in New York to key IBM senior executives.

SMC4 Goes Mobile!

October sees the release of our SMC4 Mobile App on Apple and Android devices for mobile users who need to approve posts and respond on customer social messages while on the go.

Now The Tech Bit ...

To improve the integration capabilities of SMC4 a development environment has been created and has been implemented as both REST API’s and as a Java Software Development Kit (SDK). A Microsoft .Net environment is planned for a future release.

The REST API's mirror all the functionality available through the client application and has been used to fully integrate SMC4 into the Knowledge Capture Online suite and more recently into 3rd party case management and CRM systems. The REST API also provides the platform being used for the development of the SMC4 mobile versions.

This is scheduled for mid-October for the IOS (Apple) and Android (Google) mobile and tablet platforms. Blackberry and Microsoft mobile platforms will follow shortly afterwards.

Localised-Language version of KC Online

To support the international customer base of KC Online and SMC4 the suite of applications are being extended to provide localised language support.

Currently Integritie support French and Spanish, with German and Swedish in final beta test for October 2013 release.

Users will be able to choose the language they use from within the application or follow the default language selected within the browser.

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