Complaints Processing Online: Benefits

End to End Management

CPS provides an intuitive interface that provides end to end management of complaints that utilises a case management approach. By adopting a consistent, case based approach, your Customer Services team can deal with issues more efficiently, which in turn will lead to a quicker resolution for your customers.

Advanced Capture Process

CPS will unify and simplify the capture process of incoming complaints and all related information.  Telephone calls can be immediately logged on the fly using a simple case creation dialogue that can link to your customer database to ensure accuracy and non-duplication of data.

Incoming post can be quickly scanned and indexed. It will then be immediately routed to the Customer Services work queue for processing.

Incoming emails, faxes, SMS and web forms are immediately captured at source. Even incoming issues raised via your Social Media channels can be automatically captured and routed to the Customer Services team.

Utilising the Cloud for Complaint Processing

CPS Online is delivered as an online solution utilises Knowledge Capture© Online (KC Online), a robust and totally secure Cloud (SaaS) platform. However, if required, it can also be delivered as traditional on-premise implementation. Either way, you can opt for a subscription based service where you only pay for the number of users and projected data storage requirements.

Organisational Benefits

In addition to improving the consistency and efficiency of the Customer Services team when processing complaints, CPS will benefit your organisation will benefit by:

  • Speeding up end to end processing of complaints to reach higher service levels

  • Reducing your operational costs by managing complaints with less staff

  • Increasing customer satisfaction and building longer customer relationships.

  • Eliminating paper and manual processing costs.

  • Minimising data storage costs.

  • Maximising data security.