Complaints Processing Online: What it Does

Case Driven Approach

CPS utilises proven Advanced Case Management methodology to process complaints, that means a robust and consistent method for dealing with all complaints.

This ensures that your defined business processes for Complaint Management can be easily adhered to, minimising the learning curve for your Customer Service team.

All incoming complaints are automatically captured at source and immediately directed to a queue where they can be instantly assessed, prioritised, and where appropriate, transferred immediately to the correct department for resolution.

Advanced Case Management provides additional business benefits such as:

  • Automated capture and routing of all customer information required to create the case, whether it was originally received on paper, email, fax or any other electronic format.

  • Automated queue management with built in time and Service Level management.

  • Allows routing of cases to external teams such as finance, legal and executive.

  • Allows notes and any supporting documentation to be attached and saved with each case.

  • Provides a full history and audit trail for each case and customer.

  • Provides full and immediate reporting including a management dashboard.