Cyber Bully Observing and Control

13th March 2014 - 1:00PM - 3:00PM - Washington DC

Cyber Bullying - The Issue

Police and Schools do not have solutions to detect and control cyber bullying and associated crime, which has become a great risk to children, families and communities.

Solutions are needed that can provide real time assistance to firstly identify cyber risks, that can immediately protect and support children and then coordinate evidence to hold bullies and criminals accountable.

Some of the known cyber bully risks include personal abuse, humiliation, threats, racism, profanity, and in extreme cases coercement to self harm, other risks include paedophiles grooming children via social sites, security theft and other serious social cyber issues.

We would like to invite you to a presentation at the Alexandria Police Facility in Washington to present SMC4 Observer a break through social media content analytics solution that provides real time Cyber Bully Observing and Risk Reporting.

What does SMC4 Observer do?

  • Provides automated warnings of bullying, child self harm risk, drug use and personal threats to an individual
  • Identifies gang culture risks, connecting the social dots to things such as drug selling to children, helping resolve the child risk and enabling authorities to break cycles
  • Detects and Alerts Parents, Guardians and Schools regarding levels and priority of risks, ensuring most serious risks and issues can be immediately actioned
  • Keeps a detailed history of risks and criminal activities enabling Schools and Authorities to use in court cases
  • SMC4 Observer includes the above features to help schools, colleges, school districts and Police forces to effectively and efficiently stamp out bullying, self harm, drugs, suicide, racism and truancy, by identifying the affected students and their perpetrators within their social media networks


Attached is a screen shot of SMC4 Observer showing how Observer reports cyber risks

smc4 observer


Who Should Attend

Senior Executives from Sheriff's Offices, Police, and Education should attend.
Sheriff's, Captains, Lieutenants, Directors of Safety and Security, Heads of Schools.
We also invite Press/Media

This event is is not technical, it is focused on the cyber bully challenges and executive teams that hold responsibility for resolving cyber bullying


No Cost to Attend

This is a IBM and Integritie sponsored event, there is no cost to attend



The event will be held at:

Alexandria Police Department,
APD Community Room,
3600 Wheeler Avenue,
VA 22304





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