SMC4 Observer - Webinar with Kidini

Cyberbullying is a growing threat to Students with the ever growing ease of social media communications. Trying to stop and report these issues is a growing concern to Schools and Police.

Integritie have developed SMC4 Observer, a complete social media observing solution for schools, colleges and school districts, which identifies social media threats and heads them off, reducing risks and preventing tragedy associated to cyber bullying and social predators.

SMC4 Observer includes the following features to effectively and efficiently stamp out bullying and threats to students:

  • Observation in real time for risk messages on student’s social media pages

  • Automatic categorisation and prioritisation of risk social media messages

  • 17 message risk categories eg bullying, self harm, predator, drugs etc

  • Automatic mail alerts of risk messages to school staff

  • Dashboard reports

  • Demographic analysis

  • Archive and eDiscovery of all social media messages and staff actions taken for 2 years

  • Includes online and telephone support

Integritie is gifting each school two admin user licences of SMC4 which includes observing up to 100 social media accounts, as part of our investment in helping turn the tide on the accelerating social media risks, crime and cyber bullying. You can start using SMC4 today and observing risks to your students simply by visiting our website HERE.